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Hey everyone I just wanted to share this card I made my little 6-year-oldĀ son Chase for his 2nd tooth he lost. It’s a simple card not fancy but I thought it came out cute so I figured I would share.

A tip though šŸ™‚ if you have a child who is very smart or observant I should say I don’t suggest making one of these types of cards LOL my son was happy at 4am when he found it under his pillow but this morning he realized it was all cut from my Cricut and my Cuttle Bug embossed it. Ah well I tried šŸ™‚ Now he says the tooth fairy and santa and the easter bunny are all us guess that was a mistake šŸ™‚ maybe he will forget about it?

Ok on to the card:

Tooth Fairy Card Front


Fairy Wing Closeup


Tooth Closeup


Tooth Fairy Card Inside


The white smudge on the inside near his name is where I smeared out our last name so the internet can’t se it šŸ™‚

So the card base was cut with A Child’s Year it’s the Tooth Fairy card without shift, the front was embossed with my CuttleĀ Bug and the Stars folder, the Tooth Fairy is from A Child’s Year and is the shift Tooth Fairy, the inside of her wings was clear transparency sheet that I cut to fit behind the image and colored with a red Bic Marker, the Tooth is also from A Child’s Year TF Icon, as well as the tooth-brush, the tooth was cut from a piece of shiny white cardstock that my mother gave me they are the cardstock spacersĀ from the boxes where she works they separateĀ the curtain packages during shipping, the toothbrush is cut from BazzilĀ cardstockĀ as is the Fairy, I used SakuraĀ White Gel pen, a Micron 01 black and a Micron 05 red,Ā Micron 05 blue,Ā and Micron brush black marker.

Leave me a comment let m know what you think šŸ™‚


Hey everyone I just got notice that Michael’sĀ black friday ad was released and yes they will be open Thanksgiving night, and yes Cricut cartridges will be 27.99 and the newer ones will be 35.99 šŸ™‚

I haven’t looked at Joann’s ad yet but here is the link to it:

Enjoy šŸ™‚

I have had these done for quite some time now but my son is being lazy I guess or has just been too busy to finish his golf layout for his troop so I thought I would go ahead and share some of the Boy Scout dolls I made for him.

These are made by me, I did all the work on them he tried to create some but got frustrated and asked me to help him. the faces, shirt decorations, and lines are all hand drawn on these dolls. Andrew picked out each ones hair based on what each boy who participated in the merit badge looks like so they are supposed to individualized and look different.


Boy Scout Paper Dolls


These were made at 4″ the bodies were cut on Shadow so there were no facial features on ivory cardstock. The shirts are cut from the Police Man but the sleeves were long so I cut them down with scissors so they were short sleeves. I just couldn’t find a short sleeve button up shirt so mad my own. The shorts are from the Military guy. The Shoes are from Fall Boy. The hair on each boy is different for each one I am not going to list each one here.

I drew on them with my Micron pens, the super fine tips help get the details needed.

Let me know what you think šŸ™‚ maybe later I will post my golf cart and golf bags I made for him as well, and maybe he will get 5 min to glue all his elements down so we can say done and move on šŸ™‚


Hello everyone šŸ™‚

I haven’t had a whole lot of time recently with everyone being sick here to create anything new or report on any new things out there in the crafting world.

So IĀ figured I would share something I did a few months ago that has been really helpful to me, I was thinking this mightĀ be helpful to some of youĀ as well so read on.

So I just like a lot of other crafters out there have a CuttlebugĀ made by Provocraft. I love my Cuttlebug it took me a few years to figure out that it would be something I could use and really needed to make my cards and pages rise to another level.

However I find that I don’t use it enough. It seems, although it’s small and convenient, that it is a lot to get out and try and figure out which folder I would like to use, testing on paper to see what will look right etc.

Well one night I had been looking for just the right folder and looked down at my desk and saw all the samples I had from trying this or that to see which one worked best with whatĀ I was doing.Ā 

It hit me to make a string (I would have used a ring if I had one on hand) of embossing samples to makeĀ this easier next time. So I set out with whiteĀ Georgia Pacific Cardstock and cutĀ the sheets into roughly 3×3 pieces IĀ believe, I then sat down and embossed each folder on each piece of cardstock. I left a strip at that bottom of the page so I could write the actual name or what I called it on there as well for easy reference when writing online or in notebooks about what materials were used.

If the folder had a strange layout like the Owl one I just embossed the owl, whatever was the important part of the folder. The label or journal one where it’s just outlined areas I embossed the intersecting lines. I did all of the ones I own, I did the larger ones as well as the smaller ones, I even did the ones with just words on them.

I punched holes in the corners and strung them all on a piece of embroidery thread and Viola all done.

I keep it where I can just pull it out and look for the texture I need, I can put them behind images or elements on my cards to see if it will go with the look and feel of the project. I chose to use white cardstock so they were neutral plus it’s much cleaner looking and with no color it doesn’t distract from the texture itself, I am thinking of doing the same thing on black cardstock as well, because we all know that embossing looks different sometimes on light and dark papers.

Alright so here are a few photos I took so you can get a better idea of what I am talking about. I will try and take a few more pictures later but my camera’s batteries died twice in 30 min and I am not sure why so I couldn’t take any more tonight.



Cuttlebug Samples



Cuttlebug Samples Side View



Cuttlebug Samples Title Close Up

This was brought to my attention a few minutes ago and it really hits home for me. I have a 3 year old little girl who absolutely loves the zoo and is battling a Flu/Virus as well. I feel so lucky and blessed to still have her here as this could happen to anyone. I would just die emotionally if this was me but they are being strong and trying to raise money for a memorial so please follow this link:

And help them out and you’ll get a great digiĀ stamp as well, plus check out the awesome little Henry doing the snow angel digi/rubber below that one as well. Either one goes towards the memorial for this family.