Hello everyone 🙂

I haven’t had a whole lot of time recently with everyone being sick here to create anything new or report on any new things out there in the crafting world.

So I figured I would share something I did a few months ago that has been really helpful to me, I was thinking this might be helpful to some of you as well so read on.

So I just like a lot of other crafters out there have a Cuttlebug made by Provocraft. I love my Cuttlebug it took me a few years to figure out that it would be something I could use and really needed to make my cards and pages rise to another level.

However I find that I don’t use it enough. It seems, although it’s small and convenient, that it is a lot to get out and try and figure out which folder I would like to use, testing on paper to see what will look right etc.

Well one night I had been looking for just the right folder and looked down at my desk and saw all the samples I had from trying this or that to see which one worked best with what I was doing. 

It hit me to make a string (I would have used a ring if I had one on hand) of embossing samples to make this easier next time. So I set out with white Georgia Pacific Cardstock and cut the sheets into roughly 3×3 pieces I believe, I then sat down and embossed each folder on each piece of cardstock. I left a strip at that bottom of the page so I could write the actual name or what I called it on there as well for easy reference when writing online or in notebooks about what materials were used.

If the folder had a strange layout like the Owl one I just embossed the owl, whatever was the important part of the folder. The label or journal one where it’s just outlined areas I embossed the intersecting lines. I did all of the ones I own, I did the larger ones as well as the smaller ones, I even did the ones with just words on them.

I punched holes in the corners and strung them all on a piece of embroidery thread and Viola all done.

I keep it where I can just pull it out and look for the texture I need, I can put them behind images or elements on my cards to see if it will go with the look and feel of the project. I chose to use white cardstock so they were neutral plus it’s much cleaner looking and with no color it doesn’t distract from the texture itself, I am thinking of doing the same thing on black cardstock as well, because we all know that embossing looks different sometimes on light and dark papers.

Alright so here are a few photos I took so you can get a better idea of what I am talking about. I will try and take a few more pictures later but my camera’s batteries died twice in 30 min and I am not sure why so I couldn’t take any more tonight.



Cuttlebug Samples



Cuttlebug Samples Side View



Cuttlebug Samples Title Close Up