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Saturday October 3rd is World Cardmaking Day, if you have never made cards before this is a great time to try it out. join millions and billions of people making cards on the same day.

Make your Christmas cards early or at least get started, check out neat Blogs for inspiration, make cards to donate to a charity that sends cards out to sick people, get together with your kids, family, friends, or scrap buddies and make cards all day long, put them into a show box and deliver them to a local nursing home for the residents to be able to give each other.

My Scouts do this we make cards from donated materials, or from cards that were mistakes people send to me we fix them (most of the time what you think is a mistake we cannot find) and put them into categories divided in the box, birthday, anniversary, sympathy etc. we include envelopes when we can.

I then take the box to the local nursing home (the kind the residents cannot leave usually) and leave it with the nurses they then tell the residents they are there for them to have for free to give out to each other. We get such a great response from the residents they just light up when we come in there now. Most of them cannot get out to get cards of their own and this gives them the opportunity to feel more normal and give cards to each other, to cheer people up and just put a smile on someones face. We have been told that the moral there has improved 100% since we started doing this. I wish I had more money and supplies or knew how to get sponsors for it because we would love to do it for all of our nursing homes in this area.

Anyway back to the fun of Card Making day 🙂 here is a link to the official website:

There is a blog, there are a few bloggers doing a card a day countdown for inspiration and there is a ton of ideas on how to celebrate this festive day for crafters around the world.


I am running a little late on this one but thought I would post the pictures and info anyway in case any of my readers had not seen it yet. Things have been super busy here at my house lately the beginning of the week is scouts and that means I am just really busy.

I am in the middle of helping my son as well, he is a neat kid likes to play with the Cricut and makes things, I still cut a lot of it out but he puts it all together etc. Well he is making little people from the 2 paper doll carts for  apage about thier Troop Golf Merit Badge class and I have been helping him with making the shirts look like Boy Scout uniform Shirts, it should be a cute layout when he is done with it.

Ok onto the carts 🙂 the first one we have is a nice Asian cartridge, I like this one I am a sucker for little geisha’s and cut asian things I have to say though if these end up being the end cuts I love the Panda with his but in the air, I love panda bears and these are super cute, I also like the Koi Fish as well looks a lot like the Yudu Art Koi which is good means I could use these on my shirts instead of buying the small pre-made Yudu art:




Next we have a very nice Western Cowboy type Cartridge, I like this one for so many reasons but I can see the possibilities with this one, think of all the great Boy stuff I can make for my boys having 3 sons and many country cowboy men in my family this will go a long way:

Old West

Old West


And last we have a Dinosuar Cartridge, again really great for the little boys and big boys in my family and yours, envision the boy who is obsessed with dinos think of how you could decorate his room with this cartridge and a stack of bazzil cardstock:

Dinosaur Tracks

Dinosaur Tracks


Very nice, I am loving all the new stuff coming out soon, I need to get a second job just to keep myself from going bankrupt buying all of these great things 🙂

These are rumored to be full cartridges so this is only a smidge of what will be on the final cartridges, I am not sure of any release dates but if I hear of something I will update again, I forsee these being available somewhere though before the end of the year (don’t quote me on that though I am just guessing).

I am still waiting to get my hands on Designer’s Calendar I cannot wait to play with that one, they have a lot of new things out there waiting to be released I know we are all happy customers waiting to play 🙂

So I got an update from Provocraft that they are going to be releasing a few new small cartridges every season, starting with this Winter of Course 🙂 I have 3 pictures of some of the cuts that may be on these carts to share with you as well. Each one of these will be like a solutions cart however they have a great price point they are expected to be 19.99 each, and each one should have about 50 cuts on it.

This first one would be nice to make package tags, quick and easy.




This next one is a neat little snowflake one, would make some great window decorations.




Now lastly we have a nifty little snowmen one, super cute adorable would look great on any winter layouts or cards.

Snow Friends

Snow Friends

Hey everyone check out the great deal on today or check it out on the live show if you want to see a demo of all the great features too.*ts*slide1

It’s a nice deal 299.95 with free SH and 5 flex pay payments of 59.95 as an option. This comes with the Gypsy loaded with the 2 carts it is supposed to come with, it also comes with the full cartridge of Don Jaun which is the hard cart not a digital version, the black and pink protective sleeve, a stylus, a black and pink carrying bag (this is a larger one which will hold all of the extras), AC adapter, a car charger, a USB Cord, Cartridge connect cord, and a fast start card.

Now in the stores you will only be getting for the same price, the gypsy with the 2 loaded carts, the pink and black sleeve, a stylus, AC adapter, USB cord, cartridge connect cord, and a fast start card.

The HSN deal will go quickly, the show will be on again at 4am, 8am, 11am, 12pm, 4pm, and 9pm.

I would order early if you really want this with the payments because I don’t think it will last at this price and with all the great extra’s added in.

HSN Gypsy Bundle

HSN Gypsy Bundle

Well my cuttlebug experiment did not work so I won’t go into what I was trying to do it just tanked horribly 🙂 back to the drawing board.

I am still trying to get started on my cartridge highlights and projects though and will have DS files hopefully created with each one as well.

I have been trying to get things organized here for a bunch of scout stuff going on so I have been a little busy this week.

I wanted to remind you guys there is a great sale at your local Michael’s Craft store on carts this week only 39.99 each including the new ones, so get on over there and get a great deal.

I am going to start highlighting the cartridges I have, I know there are a few blogs doing this but everyone has different views and hopefully my projects will inspire everyone to create more things with their Cricut.

I am also in the process of taking more photos of my Yudu process, at CHA I could not believe how many women were there wanting to know how it worked still and wanting so badly to see more. unfortunately they did not have the time nor the setup to show more than the pulling and printing itself. So I am going to take photos of me doing it again, I need to print a few more things so I figured I would share the process I take with everyone on here.

I also am experimenting with my cuttlebug and if it works out I will let you know what it is and show pictures and directions 🙂 it should be really neat.

I also want to say thanks to all my followers, I am almost to 100 now which is great!!!!

100th Cricut Cartridge

100th Cricut Cartridge





Provocraft is celebrating it’s 100th cartridge “Winter Woodland” with a great giveaway.







They are giving away 100 Winter Woodland cartridges over the next 5 weeks, 20 cartridges each week. All you have to do is search for the topic on their message boards and then post underneath it search for 100th cartridge it should come right up. Then you can enter again by posting on your blog about the giveaway.

Here is a link to the product “Winter Woodland” so you can see it:

You can also scroll down or search my page for Winter Woodland and look at actual cuts from this cartridge.

Here is a link to the actual forum post as well for this week to get you started:

Good Luck 😉

Of course most of you know that I am in the process of refining the look for Bella Blu Design and i have decided I like this header better so I changed it.

Also another great new thing if you type in it will bring you here, for now. 🙂 So until I get my store uploaded and finished my new URL will direct everyone here. I ended up having to go ahead and buy it because I talked on here about getting which I had already looked to see if it was available and some sleeze saw my post and bought the URL and wants a load of money for it now, I learned that one the hard way keep it to yourself until you own it that’s for sure. So I had to buy Bella Blu Design and when I went to register my DBA name originally it was Designs instead of Design but there is a women in Texas using the first one for her business so I had to go with design. Hopefully it won’t get confusing with graphic design businesses.

Ok so I did sign up for Twitter and it was super easy so if you have a Twitter account and want to follow my Twitter Tweets about this blog and eventually sales on my site then please look for bellabludesign on Twitter, and again it was super easy to sign up for, I am not sure if it emails you when someone twits but I do know if you have a cell phone you can sign up to get tweets sent to the phone as a text message if you have unlimited texts this would be good.

I have a nice .cut file to share with everyone, I designed this using Plantin Schoolbook so most people could cut it. I made it while I was waiting for the Life is a Beach cart to it the market and I just needed something beachy. hope you all like it, if you like it post a comment so I know if it was good or not 🙂 this was my first design in DS so go easy on me :).

Download it HERE!

Here is a preview picture for you so you can see what it looks like before downloading it. The file is free for now but will probably end up in my shop eventually so take advantage of me now 🙂

Big Kahuna

Big Kahuna


Enjoy and don’t forget to leave me a comment.

I have to apologize I did not realize the deal I got at Oh My Crafts was a limited time deal, it is now over, however you can still use your 15% off coupon on the cart bundle and still get a great deal all of them with shipping for about 160.00 dollars so I am told. So check it out of your still interested.

Again I didn’t know it was a limited deal it wasn’t really stated anywhere or I didn’t see it 🙂