Hey everyone I just wanted to share this card I made my little 6-year-old son Chase for his 2nd tooth he lost. It’s a simple card not fancy but I thought it came out cute so I figured I would share.

A tip though 🙂 if you have a child who is very smart or observant I should say I don’t suggest making one of these types of cards LOL my son was happy at 4am when he found it under his pillow but this morning he realized it was all cut from my Cricut and my Cuttle Bug embossed it. Ah well I tried 🙂 Now he says the tooth fairy and santa and the easter bunny are all us guess that was a mistake 🙂 maybe he will forget about it?

Ok on to the card:

Tooth Fairy Card Front


Fairy Wing Closeup


Tooth Closeup


Tooth Fairy Card Inside


The white smudge on the inside near his name is where I smeared out our last name so the internet can’t se it 🙂

So the card base was cut with A Child’s Year it’s the Tooth Fairy card without shift, the front was embossed with my Cuttle Bug and the Stars folder, the Tooth Fairy is from A Child’s Year and is the shift Tooth Fairy, the inside of her wings was clear transparency sheet that I cut to fit behind the image and colored with a red Bic Marker, the Tooth is also from A Child’s Year TF Icon, as well as the tooth-brush, the tooth was cut from a piece of shiny white cardstock that my mother gave me they are the cardstock spacers from the boxes where she works they separate the curtain packages during shipping, the toothbrush is cut from Bazzil cardstock as is the Fairy, I used Sakura White Gel pen, a Micron 01 black and a Micron 05 red, Micron 05 blue, and Micron brush black marker.

Leave me a comment let m know what you think 🙂