So for all of you who been anxiously awaiting the Gypsy update that puts Imagine content on the Gypsy and allows you to use the Gypsy to design Imagine projects. You will need to link your Imagine carts through the Imagine and they will need to be in the Imagine in order to cut them out.

Use Cricut Sync to update, do the Gypsy first and then when it’s fully done do the Imagine update.

If the Imagine update says your machine is up to date just wait a bit and try again, keep trying until it comes up and says update is available. We have told PC that it’s not coming up for some of us so they know and will fix it soon I suppose.

Have fun!!!!

Hey go on over to Scrappin with Cricut’s Blog she has some great candy to give away when she hits 200 followers:

So today I connected my Gypsy to my laptop so I could transfer a picture I had made in Photoshop to see what it would look like on the Gypsy. So I opened Cricut Sync and it told me there was a download available for my Gypsy for support content I guess. It was a long download took a few min to download and then at least 10 min to install so whatever was in it was big.

Well, when I was just scrolling through the cartridge list to see if anything new had been added I came across a few I had not seen before, 1 I know for sure is new it’s the cartridge that comes with the 10 DVD Ultimate Creative Cricut set. The one that is supposed to have 6000 images on it. It is big that’s for sure on the left side of the Gypsy screen when you are looking at the content it has 6 buttons, each one is numbered Bonus 1 through Bonus 6 sometimes and other times they just have an image from the overlay, it looks like there is a little bit from every cartridge available currently. It is a huge sampler cartridge.

It appears that all the cartridges listed on the Ultimate Creative site are now on the Gypsy cartridge list. These are some that are the size of seasonal cartridges and are made up of images from current cartridges available. So think of them as mini samplers.

  • Spring Fever Holiday
  • Spring Fever Seasonal
  • Spring Holiday
  • Spring Seasonal
  • Summer Bliss holiday
  • Summer Bliss Seasonal
  • Winter is in the Air Holiday
  • Winter is in the Air Seasonal

Now I also found 2 more that are not listed on the Ultimate site but may be coming out for the Cricut Cake Mini as samplers.

  • Cake Everyday Sampler
  • Cake Seasonal Sampler

So like I said these all have images from other current cartridges on them, looks like they will be marketed to new Cricut owners so they can try a little bit of what’s out there.

I know I would like to see some samplers, it would be neat if the new design software Cricut Craft Room online would somehow gather information about what specific cuts are being played with the most and then maybe make some samplers from that data. Just a thought 🙂

I did take a few pictures of the gypsy screen showing the cuts from the newly listed ones but they really aren’t of great quality and since they are just images from other cartridges I figured I wouldn’t post them unless someone requests me to.

Hey all, I was surfing around looking at new blogs and found a great giveaway on Creating from the Heart. It’s a sewing on paper projects giveaway, there’s even a Brother sewing machine in the prize package!!!

So go on over there and check it out:

I have been told that the current updates offered through Cricut Sync are safe again. They have been re-uploaded by Provocraft and are the same as the versions that were up before last Friday.

Also They are still working on the update that will allow us to link our Imagine cartridges to our Gypsy’s for those of you who have been waiting for this one. They are trying to get all the bugs out first, and the mishap with the older files slowed them down a bit since they had to fix those first.

So hopefully no later than 2 weeks on the new update 🙂

The Gypsy and Imagine updates that are coming through Cricut Sync are corrupt and will make either machine not work properly. If you already installed them and are having problems just be patient Provocraft knows about this of course and the next update released will fix everything.

I know it’s hard to not have your toys to play with but don’t try to rest them it could permanently damage the unit.

I will post again when it is safe to download the updates so keep checking back.

While browsing around Cricut’s site I found this new product today. It’s a 10 DVD bundle of videos, how-to use the Cricut and 100 projects showing step by step instructions. It’s 216.00 but the intro bundle deal is if you buy it now you get a Personal Cricut free, also a sampler Cartridge with 600 images, and some Imagine how to Videos.

Cricut's New DVD's


This will be the new TV infomercial on late nights, it has the same pay a low fee up front (shipping of 24.95) and then a payment of 63.95 and 3 more payments of 72.00. This is not an economical way to go this makes the base price before shipping fees and processing fees 279.95. Now add on the 24.95 intital shipping for the DVD’s and another 24.95 for the Cricut’s shipping, and then there is 15.00 for processing the 3 72.00 payments (5.00 each month added on). Now your total for this bundle will be 344.85.

Not really such a deal when you get it that way. If you pay the 216.00 all at once, you still have to add the 2 24.95 shipping costs but you also get a Deep Cut Blade and housing Kit. That means ultimately your paying 265.90 for the bundle which is a much more reasonable price.

Ok enough with prices I know you’re talking to me through your computer right now saying “April, come on tell us what the heck we get for 216.00 already”. 🙂 ok so here’s what you get:

10 discs of the Ultimate Creative Series on these subjects….

  • Creative Card Making
  • Scrapbooking for Everyone
  • Clay and Wood Working
  • Fabric and Needle Arts
  • Glass Etching at Home
  • Gift Giving and Party Hosting
  • Vinyl Lettering and More
  • Home Decor and Design
  • Stenciling and Painting Made Easy
  • Paper Crafting with Flare

Each DVD has segments with experts that will share a step by step walk-through of each project. Also there are tips and tricks for each project from basic details to Professional Secrets.

These are the experts and which DVD they appear on…..

  • Howard Fullmer – Wood and Clay Coach
  • Cathy Davis – Home Décor and Design Coach
  • Trish Allen – Stenciling Coach
  • Lisa Berrett – Paper Crafting Coach
  • Wendy Switzer – Parties and Gift Giving Coach
  • Jann Gray – Fabric Coach
  • Brenda Smith – Glass Etching
  • Heather Lancaster – Scrapbooking
  • Jinger Adams – Card Making Coach
  • Kristy Day – Vinyl Coach

For a limited time you’ll get this bonus pack including…..

  • 1 Cricut Imagine DVD (with 10 projects)
  • Instructional DVD (comes with a materials list)
  • 1 Tips and tricks DVD (this has over 100 tips and tricks for the projects on the DVD’s)
  • 1 Ultimate Creative Series Sampler Cartridge (it has 600 images with 6 overlays)
  • A Storage case/box for the DVD’s

And last but not least you get a free Personal Cricut.

Everything included in the Bundle


Bonus Kit


So that’s about it, I would love to get ahold of the DVD’s but unfortunately I could never talk my husband into spending 216.00 for DVD’s (Especially when he wants some DVD set, I think it’s the complete Mash series, that I keep saying is too expensive at about 150.00). Maybe someone I know will buy them and let me borrow them so I can at least watch them and return them, heck I would pay to have them mailed to me one at a time and mail them back to someone I just want to watch maybe take some notes, maybe learn something new. 🙂

You can also buy the DVD’s only and they come with the bonus kit contents, however it’s still 216.00.

This is a nice kit for beginners, I just wish they would offer the DVD’s for sale individually as well. Maybe they will later however I bet they will be 19.95 each that way, but you wouldn’t have to buy the ones you didn’t want.

I’ve been invited to try Time4Learning for one month in exchange for a candid review. My opinion will be entirely my own, so be sure to come back and read about my experience. Time4Learning offers standards-based language arts and math curriculum. Science,social studies and art lessons are provided as a bonus for most grades. Find out how to write your own curriculum review for Time4Learning.

I know a lot of us homeschool so I thought I would check it out and share. I know I am always looking for something easier and still a good curriculum.

I am in love with the 2 newest Imagine cartridges. They are only pattern cartridges but I really love the patterns. Very vintage, old and pretty See for yourself :).

Cricut Imagine Heirloom Pattern Cartridge


Cricut Imagine Heirloom Pattern Cartridge


Cricut Imagine Vintage Papers Pattern Cartridge


Cricut Imagine Vintage Papers Pattern Cartridge

So I was surfing around looking at new gadgets and I found this tool. I thought that some of you might want to know about it as well.

i bond cordless glue gun


I really like this product, I know one big thing I dislike about using a glue gun is the cord it’s always getting in the way, or it makes the thing tip over. I don’t use a glue gun very often though but maybe this would encourage me to.

Here’s the specs from the site:

– Cordless
– Uses 4 AA Batteries
– Lighted Nozzle for Easy Application
– Ergonomic Design
– Uses Standard Mini Glue Sticks
– Comes with 3 Glue Sticks

MSRP $15.99

I know I will be on the lookout for this, it says it shipped in December 2010 so it should be in many stores by now.