So today I connected my Gypsy to my laptop so I could transfer a picture I had made in Photoshop to see what it would look like on the Gypsy. So I opened Cricut Sync and it told me there was a download available for my Gypsy for support content I guess. It was a long download took a few min to download and then at least 10 min to install so whatever was in it was big.

Well, when I was just scrolling through the cartridge list to see if anything new had been added I came across a few I had not seen before, 1 I know for sure is new it’s the cartridge that comes with the 10 DVD Ultimate Creative Cricut set. The one that is supposed to have 6000 images on it. It is big that’s for sure on the left side of the Gypsy screen when you are looking at the content it has 6 buttons, each one is numbered Bonus 1 through Bonus 6 sometimes and other times they just have an image from the overlay, it looks like there is a little bit from every cartridge available currently. It is a huge sampler cartridge.

It appears that all the cartridges listed on the Ultimate Creative site are now on the Gypsy cartridge list. These are some that are the size of seasonal cartridges and are made up of images from current cartridges available. So think of them as mini samplers.

  • Spring Fever Holiday
  • Spring Fever Seasonal
  • Spring Holiday
  • Spring Seasonal
  • Summer Bliss holiday
  • Summer Bliss Seasonal
  • Winter is in the Air Holiday
  • Winter is in the Air Seasonal

Now I also found 2 more that are not listed on the Ultimate site but may be coming out for the Cricut Cake Mini as samplers.

  • Cake Everyday Sampler
  • Cake Seasonal Sampler

So like I said these all have images from other current cartridges on them, looks like they will be marketed to new Cricut owners so they can try a little bit of what’s out there.

I know I would like to see some samplers, it would be neat if the new design software Cricut Craft Room online would somehow gather information about what specific cuts are being played with the most and then maybe make some samplers from that data. Just a thought 🙂

I did take a few pictures of the gypsy screen showing the cuts from the newly listed ones but they really aren’t of great quality and since they are just images from other cartridges I figured I wouldn’t post them unless someone requests me to.