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So today I connected my Gypsy to my laptop so I could transfer a picture I had made in Photoshop to see what it would look like on the Gypsy. So I opened Cricut Sync and it told me there was a download available for my Gypsy for support content I guess. It was a long download took a few min to download and then at least 10 min to install so whatever was in it was big.

Well, when I was just scrolling through the cartridge list to see if anything new had been added I came across a few I had not seen before, 1 I know for sure is new it’s the cartridge that comes with the 10 DVD Ultimate Creative Cricut set. The one that is supposed to have 6000 images on it. It is big that’s for sure on the left side of the Gypsy screen when you are looking at the content it has 6 buttons, each one is numbered Bonus 1 through Bonus 6 sometimes and other times they just have an image from the overlay, it looks like there is a little bit from every cartridge available currently. It is a huge sampler cartridge.

It appears that all the cartridges listed on the Ultimate Creative site are now on the Gypsy cartridge list. These are some that are the size of seasonal cartridges and are made up of images from current cartridges available. So think of them as mini samplers.

  • Spring Fever Holiday
  • Spring Fever Seasonal
  • Spring Holiday
  • Spring Seasonal
  • Summer Bliss holiday
  • Summer Bliss Seasonal
  • Winter is in the Air Holiday
  • Winter is in the Air Seasonal

Now I also found 2 more that are not listed on the Ultimate site but may be coming out for the Cricut Cake Mini as samplers.

  • Cake Everyday Sampler
  • Cake Seasonal Sampler

So like I said these all have images from other current cartridges on them, looks like they will be marketed to new Cricut owners so they can try a little bit of what’s out there.

I know I would like to see some samplers, it would be neat if the new design software Cricut Craft Room online would somehow gather information about what specific cuts are being played with the most and then maybe make some samplers from that data. Just a thought 🙂

I did take a few pictures of the gypsy screen showing the cuts from the newly listed ones but they really aren’t of great quality and since they are just images from other cartridges I figured I wouldn’t post them unless someone requests me to.


The Gypsy and Imagine updates that are coming through Cricut Sync are corrupt and will make either machine not work properly. If you already installed them and are having problems just be patient Provocraft knows about this of course and the next update released will fix everything.

I know it’s hard to not have your toys to play with but don’t try to rest them it could permanently damage the unit.

I will post again when it is safe to download the updates so keep checking back.

Ok it looks like I got my internet back 🙂 I ended up staying in a hotel and their internet went down the night of the Cricut Gala so I couldn’t update that night and then I had to travel home so now I am back and on my own internet :).       

CHA was great I love going to the trade show, I got to go because Kim from Cutters Creek had a helper drop out at the last-minute, I had applied for a Blogger press pass but we get last priority and all the spots were filled fast so I was glad Kim invited me to help her!!!       

I saw some really great stuff this year at the show, let’s start with the thing everyone wanted to know more about the Cricut Imagine:       

Cricut Imagine

Cricut Imagine

As you can see by the pictures this is a large machine, the head is very much the same as the current Expression head, the mats are not interchangeable as far as old mats being able to be used in this machine, the reason is the new mats have black registration lines on them that the unit uses to print and then cut precisely. It will print on thin mediums like plastic sheets, vellum and regular paper, as well as thick mediums like thicker chipboard and thick cardboard like corrugated cardboards. I was told it will also cut all these items as well as it has a deeper than the current deep cut blade included.     

The inks will of course be replaceable at a cost of 34.99 for black and 39.99 for color and should be available at large scrapbooking and craft retailers as well as places like Wal-Mart. I think this is a good price for the inks it is comparable to current HP ink cartridges. I asked if the ink was waterproof and was told they couldn’t comment on that but he assumed it would be as well as archival quality. I asked why they chose to go with a single color cartridge over the multi cartridge types such as Epson has and HP has gone to on higher end printers and he said they decided to go with single cartridges because it would be easier to replace and would print more pages. I can see the advantages of the multiple color cartridge system but I also see their point of view as well.  They hinted around, at least when I asked, at future software having the ability to print from our computers, something like Design Studio but with the added ability to design a page or card from the bottom up by picking out the background pattern, adding elements and all on different layers to be cut out separately. I really hope this will happen, it wasn’t told to me for sure 100% coming but as I said a few PC people told me off the record this was the future they were hoping for and working towards.       

I really do like the projects I saw that were made with this machine, it’s like hybrid scrapbooking in a way but still different. I really like that you can print 12×12 patterned paper and it’s infinite so you’ll never run out of paper in the middle of a project, unless of course you run out of ink LOL :). I was told that you can print 125 12×12 pages on best per ink cartridge, this is a small number comparably I do realize that but maybe the cartridges are smaller or maybe the pictures are of a higher quality I will have to see more to know that. I do know that I can print about 800 pages on the text + image setting which is the normal equivalent, this is on my Epson. Now it has separated colors too so that may make a huge difference as I have a high-end HP printer that will get about 400 pages on normal and about 200 on best full color 8×11, the Epson would be full color 12×12, but on photo it might be more like 200 full color 12×12.       

Here are a few examples of some things that were cut and printed on the low setting and the high setting from what I was told:       

Printed and Cut with the Imagine on Best

Printed and Cut on the Imagine on Fast

Notice the vibrant crisp dark color on the top image which was printed on Best, and the muted washed out color on the cake this was done on fast. It’s still a good image and would look great distressed like take some sand paper and rub and scratch some of the image to make it look old. Maybe use some sepia ink or chalk around it to give a worn look.       

This shows the machine cutting things out after they were printed I really like the ability with the Imagine to print an image and then cut it into parts thus giving us the option to have depth to our projects, here are a few projects showing this: Cute layered cow project

A few more Imagine projects

The images that they have put together and the patterns for the backgrounds are really nice, I think the characters I saw were really cute like the chef and the cupcakes above so darn cute :).       

I really like everything I have seen from this machine and I cannot wait to get one, I was one of the few invited to the Gala so I will be receiving one from PC in the fall when they are finished and available to the public.       

The release date is sometime in October of 2010 in time for Christmas and will be featured on HSN. There should be a website live it’s not fully ready yet but make sure you keep checking it so you can see more about it as they release info.       

One thing I did ask was if they were working on the machine becoming backwards compatible with the current Cricut cartridges, an example would be the ability to print faces on the paper dolls or print accents that we have been drawing in on our own, or the ability to print the little things on cutouts like eyes or buttons etc. things that we need tweezers to place on now. I was told that no they were not considering that at least not right now, I asked if maybe there would be an accent Imagine cartridge made to go specifically with certain cartridges sort of like the new Cuttlebug folders. He said yes that this could be a better possibility in the future but it wasn’t something they had in the works right now.       

I have a few other photos from Provocraft showing the inks, mat, and some of the imagine cartridges:       

Cricut Imagine Ink Cartridges and Mat

Cricut Imagine Best Friends Cartridge

Cricut Imagine Cartridge that Comes With the Unit, Imagine More

Cricut Imagine Kates Kitchen Cartridge

Cricut Imagine Nursery Tales Cartridge

Cricut Imagine Yummy Cartridge

Some more Provocraft new things are a new Cuttlebug machine, it’s green and has a handle that lies flat now for easier storage, however I would have thought they would have made it better by changing the embossing size ability but they said that was not something they felt the public wanted at this time. Here are a few photos of the newer unit and some new folders I thought were really cute:       

New Cuttlebug Machine

New Cuttlebug Handle Out

New Cuttlebug Handle In

Party Bird Folder

Cars and Trucks Folder

Baseball Diamond Folder

Gecko Folder

Circus Monkey Folder

Juggling Circus Beaver Folder

Bowling Folder

 I didn’t get any more photos of the other folders but these were the few that really jumped out at me, I think he said there are 27 new 4 piece sets coming out this year and a ton of them coordinate with the cartridges already out, I didn’t see very many of those out on the table but the ones I saw were nice.       

I do have some images though straight from Provocraft notice the names as they go with the cartridge of the same name, see also some new names we haven’t seen yet:       

New Cuttlebug Folders

New Cuttlebug Folders

New Cuttlebug Folders

New Cuttlebug Folders

 These are the new names I was talking about, see above the “Coolio”, “Nifty Fifties”, “Birthday Bash”, and “Boys Will Be Boys” I do believe these will be the next 4 announced, but don’t hold me to that I am just guessing :).       

New Cuttlebug Folders - these are the dual purpose ones that emboss and cut all in one

Continuing with Provocraft product news Yudu has some great new products out this year as well, although lets hope that they keep their promise of them arriving in stores before Christmas as last year it took forever for the new stuff to come out. There is a new product called Screen Printing Adhesive and can be used with the new screen coming out only, the new screen will be a 70 mesh which is a more open mesh allowing the thicker glue medium to pass through it with ease.       

So this will give us the ability to make things with glitter, foil and flocking. All of which will also be sold by PC for the yudu, the glitter is pretty much a standard fine glitter and you could use Martha’s if you had it on hand before buying specific Yudu glitters. PC claims their Yudu glitter line will be washable and not wear off like regular glitter would but i do believe any glitter would work just fine. Next they have a foil sheet line so you would screen the glue let it dry tacky and then stick the foil sheet down and rub until it sticks to the glue these will come in various colors. And lastly they will have a flocking sheet that you do the same way, wait for the glue to become tacky and then stick down the flocking sheet and rub it until the flocking sticks and again these will come in various colors. I can see a huge potential in this product you could use it on paper products and wood and fabrics to add neat glitter, foil or flocking designs. Here are a few photos:       

Yudu Screen Printing Glue

Example of a shirt printed with ink first and then screened with glue and glitter added

Example of foil

So cute onsie with example of foil

Yudu Flocking Example

 I still love my Yudu machine and cannot wait until this stuff comes out I am going to make a ton of cool stuff.       

Ok onto the Cricut Cake, this machine seemed to have a huge following this year a lot bigger than I actually thought it would which is good, I wish I had a use for it to justify the purchase I just don’t make enough cakes and cupcakes right now, well I guess I do I make something every month of the year since we have a big family with 7 of us living here and a bunch of other family close by we have either a birthday or a holiday or both every month of the year. I still can’t afford to buy one of these those but I wouldn’t say no if PC offered me one to play with or if I won the one over on Martha Stewart. I do have the Cake Cartridge that comes with it though a friend of mine had an extra one from her bakery and she just gave it to me, I haven’t used it to create anything yet though.       

So here are the new products announced for this machine:       

Cricut Cake Premade Frosting Sheets

Cricut Cake New Tools and Covers

Cricut Cake New Aprons

So some of you know I was invited to the Cricut Imagine Gala, it was a blast I met some great new people and some I already know from the internet only. They had an airbrush tattoo artist giving tattoos to anyone who wanted one so we got in line and I got the Playboy Bunny on my chest it was the one he said no one had asked for yet and I thought why the heck not. They had music and finger foods and a bar out in the waiting area. They rushed us all into a great room with big fluffy white couches and more music dimmed lights and some high top tables. We got to see an awesome artist named David Garabaldi who did some really nifty painting with a DJ and awesome dance music. We watched the video footage of the 2 finalists stories for being the first to recieve an Imagine, got to see the Imagine introduced and hear them talk about it a little bit. At the end we all got a gift bag with a cool Imagine t-shirt, Cricut Imagine sunglasses (the same ones being given out at the trade show), a Cricut Cartridge, and a Certificate for a new Imagine machine 🙂 yep I said it we all got an Imagine. It was so awesome everyone screamed and jumped for joy definitely a joyful room. I got the cartridge I wanted which was “Country Life” I had been wanting this one because we live on a farm out in the country and it’s perfect for my life and my family. The other ones given out were the new ones Winter Frolic, Happy Hauntings, and Rock Princess.       

Here are a few photos, one of me and the 2 ladies I met and spent the entire Gala with (I am the one on the right), and a couple of the artist painting:       

My New Friends and Me at the Cricut Gala (I'm on the right)

David Garabaldi at the Cricut Gala Painting Martin Luther King

David Garabaldi at the Cricut Gala

Alright finally I have a few photos of other products I liked at the show that I will share with you here not too many though, maybe I will post more in another post later but for now these are it :).       

One new paper line I love is the new Harry Potter line coming out I just love the papers and embellishments and who doesn’t have a son who went as Harry Potter at least one Holloween, I know my son has been him like 3 or 4 times but he looks oddly very much like Harry :).       

Harry Potter 2010 Paper Line From Creative Imaginations

I liked another one of their new lines a nice Halloween or Gothic Paper line:       

Creative Imaginations

I also liked this new line from Jillibean Soup called Chicken Soup it’s a farm based line and is just so super cute 🙂 :       

Jillibean Soup - Chicken Soup

Jillibean Soup - Chicken Soup

Look at those cute little piggies LOL 🙂 I just love them. I tell you I saw a farm, country, folk art type of trend this year in a lot of the new items as well as a continuation of the nature and outdoorsy animal trends from last year.       

I have a ton more info and photos but I wanted to get this stuff up as soon as I could so you all wouldn’t have to wait for too long, as it is it took me a few days after I finally got home from the show, I will start working on the rest of my photos and probably post more next week.       

And remember any questions you have about anything please feel free to post them I will try to answer them if I can 🙂       

For all you Gypsy owners, there is a new software update, it will include the newly announced cartridges as well as the Princess one from the last update if you did not update then.

This is not a software update it is just a cartridge update, those of us with the photo app will continue to have the photo app and those who don’t have it they are working on getting it fixe so all can have it.

Enjoy 🙂

Just hook your Gypsy up to your computer and start the Gypsy Sync program to download the update.

Also they updated Design Studio with the same cartridges as well so if you own that program here is the link to that download:

It’s just a font pack so scroll down to the font packs.

There are a few new Gypsy items from CHA 2010 as well. There are new skins, a new carrying case, and there will be a screen protector 3 pack as well.

Here are some pictures:

Green and Blue Damask


Black and White Damask


Red and Black Butterfly


Red Owls


Black Owls


New Gypsy Case Outside


New Gypsy Case Inside


I like the red ones myself 🙂 But I am partial to red things, I also like the Black and White Damask one it would go nicely with the new hard cover with a similar pattern. I wish that I had pictures of the backs of them but maybe soon :).

Remember to scroll down I have 2 more posts below this one about new Provocraft products, actually there ae a few after those as well.

Leave a comment and Subscribe via email on the left if you want updates when I post new things.

Gypsy Owners there is a new update for Once Upon a Princess so if you sync with your PC sync software you should receive the font update for that cartridge.

This as far as I know is only for Gypsy’s right now. Sorry DS users I am sure it will be there soon and I will update again when it shows up.

Hey everyone I have been working on this file and thought I would go ahead and share it with you all. It’s  a Christmas ornament that can actually be hung on  a tree if you wanted to 🙂 This was designed on my Gypsy and was the first thing I have actually designed using it (although I have a few others I have done but aren’t ready for sharing yet).

I love my Gypsy have I told you all that yet or enough 🙂 I really do though, I have had DS since it’s release a few years ago but I never really got into using it for more than laying out things I wanted to cut. The Gypsy has opened up so many possibilities for design, I know some of the same tools are in DS but for me the stylus just gives me the feeling of having more control over it, I can tweak things very quickly and very easily 🙂

Ok here is a screenshot of the file, it comes like this all laid out on the mat ready to cut out:

Screenshot of the file


Now how to put this together after you cut it out……..

Of course the circles with either the stars or the snowflakes are the top or front of the ornament, the plain circle is the back but will be the color you see through the cutouts, the 2 small rectangles are the top of the ornament and the rings are the hanger part.

I have another version of this file I am trying to get finished up that has the plain circle welded with the rectangle and the ring as one piece. I will share that at a later time as well when I finish it and test it out. Oh and I have one more version of this without the plain circle for the back instead it has the circle with the cutouts done 2 times so you can put clear or colored plastic acetate in the middle and have a neat stained glass look, again I will share this one too but later I have a meeting to go to tonight and I need to get things ready for that.

Here is a photo of the snowflake one finished:

Actual Cut Out Finished Example


So here are the links to the files please leave me a comment to let me know you liked it or not even 🙂 Thanks

Gypsy File –

Design Studio File –

Also I know I hate it when peole don’t tell me what catridges were used before I download so, I used george, plantin and Gypsy wanderings but only the snowflake is from the gypsy so if you don’t have that one you could just delete that from the file before cutting.

Well I have had my Gypsy for a little while now, I have loaded all my cartridges on it with no problems at all, except I am lazy and still have not loaded George because it involves hooking up to the Cricut and I just haven’t had a minute really to do that yet.

Some of you may know my MIL was diagnosed with Lymphoma in November and began Chemo in early December and it has been a hard first 2 treatments involving multiple hospitalizations, and lots of time being eaten up taking care of her and her needs. Hubby (her son) is still out-of-town on business and has been since 2 days after her first treatment so that leaves just me and my mom to help her out. My oldest son is 11 and is very good at helping with basic needs so he has stayed with her on and off cleaning and cooking etc. While I stay home with my 3 other younger children trying not to go out too much so we don’t get infected with something icky and spread it to her.

So time is kind of limited around here, although things have gotten better and have slowed down a bit so I had some time to actually use my Gypsy in a way I wanted to use it :).

Ok back to my Gypsy experience so far, I loaded all of my cartridges and it took maybe 30 seconds each and no issues at all they all loaded nicely and I have about 45-50 of them. So I dove right in to the Gypsy looking around playing with settings, you may have seen in an earlier post I found a cute case to put my Gypsy and cords in to carry around easily.

I bought a nice rubber Gypsy brand cover thing to protect it, I do have to say though I originally wanted to Cherry Blossom one but when I got to the store they looked really cheap the graphics looked off if you will I just didn’t like it up close. I chose the pink Bling one and I really do like it, it’s printed nicely and gives you that extra grip when your holding  it for a long time.

I created a few files and deleted them right away or just didn’t save them at all. I finally took some time and created something I had in my mind for a long time (which I will share later for free with all of you) and was very pleased with how the process of creating works.

I have yet to test cut it though I think part of the reason for this is I am so used to having to put cartridges in and out of the Cricut using overlays and getting out the books or hooking up my laptop if designed with DS. All of this in my limited space is a real pain so I know I keep thinking this will take forever like usual but deep down I know I am wrong I know the Gypsy will streamline the process, no laptop no switching cartridges no looking for books and overlays I know it will be easier now.

So tomorrow I will get a few minutes and lay out my paper on my mat and hook up the Gypsy (and probably update my Cricut firmware first LOL ) and cut this nice file out to make sure it cuts out perfectly and then I will upload it to some site somewhere and share the link with all of you :).

One hint on the file,  it is a Christmas file and made with Plantin Schoolbook. I know a little late for this past one but don’t think of it that way think of it as very early for 2010.

All in all I am very happy with the Gypsy I love it, I can use it while I sit with my 2 youngest at night waiting for them to fall asleep, I can use it while I wait for my MIL somewhere, I can use it anywhere and it is small but not too small and lightweight and although I am very computer savvy I think it was very easy to figure out how to use it.

If you are on the fence about buying one and money is not the reason, I really do recommend going for it you will not regret it. I am sure it’s hard to pay that much money for something but once you get over that you won’t even think about it.

Oh and one more thing, I have 4 kids ages 11, 7, 6 and 4 and even though I had my cartridges and overlays and books stored in this nifty storage system I made from ribbon storage containers and plastic canvas my littlest ones always seemed to find a way to open it and walk off with a book, or a cartridge or overlay something and I would find it under the couch or in a corner or in the cat’s bed 🙂 but now that I have my wonderful Gypsy I have put all my Cricut cartridge things into my locked cabinet and locked the door, it’s not inconvenient anymore because I don’t need to look at them all the time, even though I think for some things you do still need access to your booklets since they show the items put together for some cuts and the Gypsy only shows the parts so the booklets help you pick the right items easily. But I can get them if I need them I won’t need them as often, plus you can print out the nice 8 1/2 x 11 pages some people have scanned and created for the booklets and use a 3 ring binder and then if it gets ripped by a little hand or goes missing it could be replaced very easily.

Look for y free Gypsy file tomorrow (and yes it will also hopefully be converted to a DS file for those of you who do not own a Gypsy yet).

Well I bought a case to put my Gypsy, the power cord, and the 2 USB cords in. I was looking for something Gypsy related but apparently they do not sell anything as of yet. Like the one from the HSN bundle I couldn’t find one anyway. So I figured I would just use some other kind of case meant for something else to hold everything, be stylish and not be bulky something I could carry around easily, possibly with handles but not a necessity.

So I tried an old make up bag/travel case I had bought a few years back for a 7 day camping trip. It is cute it has a handle on top, is camouflage, and has white embroidered skulls all over it with orange silk interior and orange plastic skull pulls on the zippers. However it was too big and was bulky so I gave up on using it for that.

So I went to Wal-Mart and looked for a make up case or small travel bag, could not find anything I really liked they were all cheap looking or too small or too big.

So I tried Target and found the perfect case 🙂 It was in the in the specialty soaps and lotions section, like where the Bert’s Bee’s stuff is. Anyway the company that makes it is called “Soap and Glory” they mak soaps and lotions and body products with a 50’s flare to the packaging.

So the case is not to big and not too small either it holds everything just right for me, my Gypsy with the pink bling Gypsy rubber on it and the Gypsy slide on cover, the charger, and the 2 USB cords, oh and an extra stylus. I really like this case I have taken it out with me a few times now and I get initial attention just from the case alone, then when people see me pull the Gypsy out I get more attention and questions about it. It’s fun for sure and the case was cheap only 14.99 + tax.

Ok on to the photos 🙂 I took a bunch of great pictures of the case showing it off and showing how everything fits inside of it:

Side and Partial Top View


Back/Bottom View


Top View


Inside View Empty


Inside View with Gypsy and Charger


Inside Cover View Showing Pocket That Holds the 2 USB Cords and Extra Stylus


Alright I would love to hear what you think about this cute unconventional Gypsy Case 🙂 I said before I just love he 50’s style and te pin-up girl on the top too this is very cute.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think 🙂

Hey everyone, it’s been a few days since I posted anything so I thought I would post about the box and packages that arrived at my door the other day.

The first one was a nice little Christmas Surprise, it was my rebate cartridges from the Cricut BJ’s rebate, I bought an expression bundle from BJ’s and sent in the rebate and within 6 weeks I believe maybe a little longer I got my 2 cartridges: Pagoda and Old West which are awesome by the way. This is absolutely the fastest rebate I have ever done from Provocraft, in the past I as well as many others have waited as much as a year for other rebates so it seems that Provocraft has gotten a lot better at this rebate thing 🙂 Great Job Provocraft.

The other box contained a brand new Gypsy sent to me from Provocraft as well. I was very excited indeed I got everything out, registered it updated it and downloaded and printed the manual for it.

Of course it is the holidays so I haven’t had a huge amount of time to play with it yet but I am going out today to see if I can find a cheap tripod for my video camera so I can make some videos for my blog on how to use it. I am going to post in a different post in a bit about some of the things I have already done with it though, so check back in a little bit for that one.

I gotta run out for a few minutes though and get some last minute stocking stuffers for the kids and then get some cookies started baking for Santa.

Happy Holidays everyone 🙂