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So I know some of you have already seen these carts from another blog, I thought I would post the pics my friend took as well, they are very much the same photos though I just wanted to put them on here with all my other CHA stuff 🙂

Thanks to my friend who went to the show just for me to take some of these photos 😉

Looks like we are in for some spending this year 🙂


Farm Life


Farm Life
























Nursery Rhymes


Nursery Rhymes


Nursery Rhymes






So they just released the pretty blue one a little bit ago and now there is going to be an awesome red and white one with a pretty butterfly on it. It’s going to be an HSN exclusive sometime in February 2010 and will come with a bunch of new folders as well.

Here are 2 pics of it for you:

Red Cuttlbug HSN Exclusive


Red Cuttlebug HSN Exclusive

There are a few new Gypsy items from CHA 2010 as well. There are new skins, a new carrying case, and there will be a screen protector 3 pack as well.

Here are some pictures:

Green and Blue Damask


Black and White Damask


Red and Black Butterfly


Red Owls


Black Owls


New Gypsy Case Outside


New Gypsy Case Inside


I like the red ones myself 🙂 But I am partial to red things, I also like the Black and White Damask one it would go nicely with the new hard cover with a similar pattern. I wish that I had pictures of the backs of them but maybe soon :).

Remember to scroll down I have 2 more posts below this one about new Provocraft products, actually there ae a few after those as well.

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So there are some neat new Cuttlebug items being released this year as well. Some new folders, some new fun 12″ borders, new 12″ plates to accomodate them, lots of fun things I have pictures below so scroll down through them :). 

6x13 A Mat


6x13 B mats


Typeset 5x7 Embossing Folder


Clockworks 5x7 Embossing Folder


Dominos 5x7 Embossing Folder


Polka Dots 5x7 Embossing Folder


Kassies Brocade 5x7 Embossing Folder


Scrollwork A2 Embossing Folder


Graces Frame A2 Embossing Folder


Seeing Spots A2 Embossing Folder


Measure by Measure 7" Border


Love is in the Air A2 Embossing Folder Set


Plum Blossom A2 Embossing Folders Set


Oriental Weave A2 Embossing Folders Set


Perforated Postage Alphabet Embossing Plus 5x7 (Embossing + Cutting)


Brocade Window Embossing Plus 5x7 (Embossing + Cutting)


Embossed Tags Embossing Plus 5x7 (Embossing + Cutting)


Fanciful Labels Embossing Plus 5x7 (Embossing + Cutting)


Monogram Seals Embossing Plus 5x7 (Embossing + Cutting)


Vintage Collection Embossing Plus 5x7 (Embossing + Cutting)


Ellipse Embossing Plus (Embossing + Cutting)


Circle Frame Embossing Plus (Embossing + Cutting)


Swinging Flowers Embossing Plus A2 (Embossing + Cutting)


Heart Petals Embossing Plus A2 (Embossing + Cutting)


Blossoming Romance Embossing Plus A2 (Embossing + Cutting)


Lace Door Embossing Plus A2 (Embossing + Cutting)


Botanical 12" Border


Butterfly 12" Border


Caged Bird 12" Border


Quilling Kit Chrysanthemum


Quilling Kit Daisy


Quilling Kit Rose


Update: The Embossing Plus plates have a plastic protective cover over them that you can lift up exposing the paper underneath after you cut it and you can ink them with stamps through the holes makes it a little easier to ink the raised portions since they are still stuck in the plate. Also the plates have the picture of the items it cuts and embosses permantly adheared to the back for ease of finding what you’re looking for.

So today was the first day of the inter CHA Consumer Super Show and Provocraft has revealed some if not all of its new items.

The Cricut Cake machine of course was let out yesterday and I have a post about it below with photo’s of the machine, and the exclusive cartridge that comes with it.

If you go to it now shows you this was the Sweet item they were hinting at and clicking on the banner takes you to a page where you can sign up via email for updates on its actual release as it does not have release dates posted yet.

Another key item is it says “Make cakes just like the Professionals” now this may be pointing in the direction that this is not made for the Professionals Cake Maker (although we have already heard that some have made space for it) since License Agreements and selling out of a store ould violate the current cartridge agreements. So not sure where that will end up but I thought it was an interesting thing to point out.

Here are a few things:

Special 12x12 Cake Mat


Special 12x24 Cake Mat


Cake Machine Blades with Protective Caps

Gypsy Owners there is a new update for Once Upon a Princess so if you sync with your PC sync software you should receive the font update for that cartridge.

This as far as I know is only for Gypsy’s right now. Sorry DS users I am sure it will be there soon and I will update again when it shows up.

So here are a few looks at this new cartridge which will supposedly per Provocraft be released about Mid-February 🙂 

Cricut Once Upon a Princess Cartridge


Princess Box


Ok here are shots of some handbook pages. This is not all of them just some I really liked. This is a full cartridge with a font as well.























Princess Princess


























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So it seems may have been updating their site yesterday and a few people caught the new Cricut Cake machine. The link isn’t working for the info right now so I figured I would paste the stuff I got last night from the site.

I do have one small photo I snagged before I went to bed last night, it’s small and not great quality but if you didn’t get to see it yesterday you’ll be interested anyway 🙂


Cricut Cake Machine

 You can’t really see it in this photo but I saw last night they removed the rubber on the roller, the white thing on the top is a protective cover so you can use the machine with dirty cake hands, there is a protective cover for the cartridge slot as well. Suggested Retail Price was listed at $399.99.

I think it’s interesting it looks like it would go perfectly with one of those red stand mixers 🙂 I wonder if it will come in other match your kitchen colors.

I like the color but don’t have a need for a cake machine. I do not think this is something that can be used for paper as it doesn’t have the roller rubbers to grab the paper.

There was nothing about it being wireless either which I thought was a stupid rumor because you have to put the mat in so why would you need it to be wireless.

So it of course comes with an exclusive cartridge called Cake Basics which has some really nice cuts on it. Not sure if it will be released separately though. Here is a picture of the sample sheet:

Cake Basics Cartridge

I have some screen shots of the actual booklet as well:

Handbook Front

Project Page

Letter P









Ok so that is what I have for you on this new machine, this is the “Sweet” release for CHA this weekend.

Enjoy this while you can, pass it on to anyone who want’s to know just in case it disappears 🙂

Hey everyone, I just thought I would share the card I made my husband for our 9th anniversary which is today.

He is still in MS but he sent me some very pretty flowers and we will really celebrate fully when he comes home in a few weeks.

Card Front

Closeup of Bear

Closeup of Heart

Card Base was cut from Storybook Cartridge designed with my Gyspy.

The bear is my own drawing hand drawn and colored with Prismacolor pencils and blended with a colorless Prismacolor marker.

Hearts are cut from felt by hand, hand sewn as well.

Red lines around the edge of the brown base are Sakura red glitter gel pen.

White dots are Sakura white gel pen.

The Bear is actually up on pop dots but you can’t see it in the photos.

Happy Anniversary Honey!!!!!

Hey everyone I have been working on this file and thought I would go ahead and share it with you all. It’s  a Christmas ornament that can actually be hung on  a tree if you wanted to 🙂 This was designed on my Gypsy and was the first thing I have actually designed using it (although I have a few others I have done but aren’t ready for sharing yet).

I love my Gypsy have I told you all that yet or enough 🙂 I really do though, I have had DS since it’s release a few years ago but I never really got into using it for more than laying out things I wanted to cut. The Gypsy has opened up so many possibilities for design, I know some of the same tools are in DS but for me the stylus just gives me the feeling of having more control over it, I can tweak things very quickly and very easily 🙂

Ok here is a screenshot of the file, it comes like this all laid out on the mat ready to cut out:

Screenshot of the file


Now how to put this together after you cut it out……..

Of course the circles with either the stars or the snowflakes are the top or front of the ornament, the plain circle is the back but will be the color you see through the cutouts, the 2 small rectangles are the top of the ornament and the rings are the hanger part.

I have another version of this file I am trying to get finished up that has the plain circle welded with the rectangle and the ring as one piece. I will share that at a later time as well when I finish it and test it out. Oh and I have one more version of this without the plain circle for the back instead it has the circle with the cutouts done 2 times so you can put clear or colored plastic acetate in the middle and have a neat stained glass look, again I will share this one too but later I have a meeting to go to tonight and I need to get things ready for that.

Here is a photo of the snowflake one finished:

Actual Cut Out Finished Example


So here are the links to the files please leave me a comment to let me know you liked it or not even 🙂 Thanks

Gypsy File –

Design Studio File –

Also I know I hate it when peole don’t tell me what catridges were used before I download so, I used george, plantin and Gypsy wanderings but only the snowflake is from the gypsy so if you don’t have that one you could just delete that from the file before cutting.