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Just wanted to let all you Circlets know that the circle only rewards are up on the cricut rewards site. They are not in their own section they are mixed in with everything and you can only see them if you are a Circle Member.

There are 4 cartridges being offered:

 Wall Decor and More

 Create a Critter

Cindy Loo


and 3 birds on parade

All of these are 1000 points each and won’t be available until the evening of the 12th of August.

There are a ton of other cool Circle only rewards, a neat t-shirt in 4 colors, some water bottles and some other stuff but the carts I think are the greatest reward they could have given us. I have all of them but one so I am happy I can get one I wanted if it is in stock when I get on to order it LOL :).

So if you’re a Circle Member log in and check it out go see all the neat stuff, and if you’re not a circle member well get on the band wagon LOL 😉 I hear they did a big invite recently and I say it really it worth it.

Check back later I have another post waiting to go out about some more We R Memory Keepers new products.


So I am going to try to continue posting about some of the products I saw and used at the CHA Trade Show.

I am going to start with the Memory Keepers “Sew Easy” Product, here is a photo of the products that they are selling under the Sew Easy Label:

Sew Easy

So they have the Stitch Piercer and 6 different heads, a mat, needles, and floss.

First of all this product does not pierce the paper at all, it only makes an indent, also the heads that you put on it to help you make other stitches seem to make very similar marks. I tried to make it pierce the paper for about 5 minutes and then I asked the demonstrator if it was supposed to make holes or just indents and he said it was made to make indents.

So it’s misleading in my opinion as it is marketed as a piercer. Also the needles are the same as regular embroidery needles and the floss is just embroidery floss nothing more nothing less. You could buy all 3 colors in more quantity for a heck of a lot less money. 

Honestly I wouldn’t spend my money on this item, I like the Bazzill Basics In Stitch’z templates for sewing better, they are plastic and have holes in them where you take a pencil or pen and mark through the hole onto the paper, then you sew with a regular embroidery needle and DMC embroidery floss that costs .37 for 8.7 yards.

Bazzill Basics In Stitch'z

These come in tons of patterns including the basic ones like cross stitch and blanket stitch, and they also come in cute patterns like dogs and cats.

So I would get the Bazzill templates and pass on the Sew Easy I just don’t think it’s worth it for what it does or should I say what it doesn’t do.