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Ok it looks like I got my internet back ūüôā I ended up staying in a hotel and their internet went down the night of the Cricut Gala so I couldn’t update that night and then I had to travel home so now I am back and on my own internet :).¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

CHA was great I love going to the trade show, I got to go because Kim from Cutters Creek had a helper drop out at the last-minute, I had applied for a Blogger press pass but we get last priority and all the spots were filled fast so I was glad Kim invited me to help her!!!       

I saw some really great stuff this year at the show, let’s start with the thing everyone wanted to know more about the Cricut Imagine:¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

Cricut Imagine

Cricut Imagine

As you can see by the pictures this is a large machine, the head is very much the same as the current Expression head, the mats are not interchangeable as far as old mats being able to be used in this machine, the reason is the new mats have black registration lines on them that the unit uses to print and then cut precisely. It will print on thin mediums like plastic sheets, vellum and regular paper, as well as thick mediums like thicker chipboard and thick cardboard like corrugated cardboards. I was told it will also cut all these items as well as it has a deeper than the current deep cut blade included.     

The inks will of course be replaceable at a cost of 34.99 for black and 39.99 for color and should be available at large scrapbooking¬†and craft retailers as well as places like Wal-Mart. I think this is a good price for the inks it is comparable to current HP ink cartridges. I asked if the ink was waterproof and was told they couldn’t comment on that but he assumed it would be as well as archival quality. I asked why they chose to go with a single color cartridge over the multi cartridge types such as Epson has and HP has gone to on higher end printers and he said they decided to go with single cartridges because it would be easier to replace and would print more pages. I can see the advantages of the multiple color cartridge system but I also see their point of view as well.¬†¬†They hinted around, at least when I asked, at future software having the ability to print from our computers, something¬†like Design Studio but with the added ability to design a page or card from the bottom up by picking out the background pattern, adding elements and all on different layers to be cut out separately. I really hope this will happen, it wasn’t told to me for sure 100% coming but as I said a few PC people told me off the record this was the future they were hoping for and working towards.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

I really do like the projects I saw that were made with this machine, it’s like hybrid scrapbooking¬†in a way but still different. I really like that you can print 12×12 patterned paper and it’s infinite so you’ll never run out of paper in the middle of a project, unless of course you run out of ink LOL :). I was told that you can print 125 12×12 pages on best per ink cartridge, this is a small number comparably I do realize that but maybe the cartridges are smaller or maybe the pictures are of a higher quality I will have to see more to know that. I do know that I can print about 800 pages on the text + image setting which is the normal equivalent, this is on my Epson. Now it has separated¬†colors too¬†so that may make a huge difference as¬†I have a high-end HP printer that will get about 400 pages on normal and about 200 on best full color 8×11, the¬†Epson would be full color 12×12, but on photo it might be more like 200 full color 12×12.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

Here are a few examples of some things that were cut and printed on the low setting and the high setting from what I was told:       

Printed and Cut with the Imagine on Best

Printed and Cut on the Imagine on Fast

Notice the vibrant crisp dark color on the top image which was printed on Best, and the muted washed out color on the cake this was done on fast. It’s still a good image and would look great distressed like take some sand paper and rub and scratch some of the image to make it look old. Maybe use some sepia ink or chalk around it to give a worn look.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

This shows the machine cutting things out after they were printed I really like the ability with the Imagine to print an image and then cut it into parts thus giving us the option to have depth to our projects, here are a few projects showing this: Cute layered cow project

A few more Imagine projects

The images that they have put together and the patterns for the backgrounds are really nice, I think the characters I saw were really cute like the chef and the cupcakes above so darn cute :).       

I really like everything I have seen from this machine and I cannot wait to get one, I was one of the few invited to the Gala so I will be receiving one from PC in the fall when they are finished and available to the public.       

The release date is sometime in October of 2010 in time for Christmas and will be featured on HSN. There should be a website live it’s not fully ready yet but make sure you keep checking it so you can see more about it as they release info.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

One thing I did ask was if they were working on the machine becoming backwards compatible with the current Cricut cartridges, an example would be the ability to print faces on the paper dolls or print accents that we have been drawing in on our own, or the ability to print the little things on cutouts like eyes or buttons etc. things that we need tweezers to place on now. I was told that no they were not considering that at least not right now, I asked if maybe there would be an accent Imagine cartridge made to go specifically with certain cartridges sort of like the new Cuttlebug¬†folders. He said yes that this could be a better possibility in the future but it wasn’t something they had in the works right now.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

I have a few other photos from Provocraft showing the inks, mat, and some of the imagine cartridges:       

Cricut Imagine Ink Cartridges and Mat

Cricut Imagine Best Friends Cartridge

Cricut Imagine Cartridge that Comes With the Unit, Imagine More

Cricut Imagine Kates Kitchen Cartridge

Cricut Imagine Nursery Tales Cartridge

Cricut Imagine Yummy Cartridge

Some more Provocraft new things are a new Cuttlebug machine, it’s green and has a handle that lies flat now for easier storage, however I would have thought they would have made it better by changing the embossing size ability but they said that was not something they felt the public wanted at this time. Here are a few photos of the newer unit and some new folders I thought were really cute:¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

New Cuttlebug Machine

New Cuttlebug Handle Out

New Cuttlebug Handle In

Party Bird Folder

Cars and Trucks Folder

Baseball Diamond Folder

Gecko Folder

Circus Monkey Folder

Juggling Circus Beaver Folder

Bowling Folder

¬†I didn’t get any more photos of the other folders but these were the few that really jumped out at me, I think he said there are 27 new 4 piece sets coming out this year and a ton of them coordinate with the cartridges already out, I didn’t see very many of those out on the table but the ones I saw were nice.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

I do have some images though straight from Provocraft notice the names as they go with the cartridge of the same name, see also some new names we haven’t seen yet:¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

New Cuttlebug Folders

New Cuttlebug Folders

New Cuttlebug Folders

New Cuttlebug Folders

¬†These are the new names I was talking about, see above the “Coolio”, “Nifty Fifties”, “Birthday Bash”, and “Boys Will Be Boys” I do believe these will be the next 4 announced, but don’t hold me to that I am just guessing :).¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

New Cuttlebug Folders - these are the dual purpose ones that emboss and cut all in one

Continuing with Provocraft product news Yudu has some great new products out this year as well, although lets hope that they keep their promise of them arriving in stores before Christmas as last year it took forever for the new stuff to come out. There is a new product called Screen Printing Adhesive and can be used with the new screen coming out only, the new screen will be a 70 mesh which is a more open mesh allowing the thicker glue medium to pass through it with ease.       

So this will give us the ability to make things with glitter, foil and flocking. All of which will also be sold by PC for the yudu, the glitter is pretty much a standard fine glitter and you could use Martha’s if you had it on hand before buying specific Yudu glitters. PC claims their¬†Yudu glitter line will be washable and not wear off like regular glitter would but i do believe any glitter would work just fine. Next they have a foil sheet line so you would screen the glue let it dry tacky and then stick the foil sheet down and rub until it sticks to the glue these will come in various colors. And lastly they will have a flocking sheet that you do the same way, wait for the glue to become tacky and then stick down the flocking sheet and rub it until the flocking sticks and again these will come in various colors. I can see a huge potential in this product you could¬†use it on paper products and wood and fabrics to add neat glitter, foil or flocking designs. Here are a few photos:¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

Yudu Screen Printing Glue

Example of a shirt printed with ink first and then screened with glue and glitter added

Example of foil

So cute onsie with example of foil

Yudu Flocking Example

 I still love my Yudu machine and cannot wait until this stuff comes out I am going to make a ton of cool stuff.       

Ok onto the Cricut Cake, this machine seemed to have a huge following this year a lot bigger than I actually thought it would which is good, I wish I had a use for it to justify the purchase I just don’t make enough cakes and cupcakes right now, well I guess I do¬†I¬†make something every month of the year since we have a big family with 7 of us living here and a bunch of other family close by we have either a birthday or a holiday or both every month of the year. I still can’t afford to buy one of these those but I wouldn’t say no if PC offered me one to play with or if I won the one over on Martha Stewart. I do have the Cake Cartridge that comes with it though a friend of mine had an extra one from her bakery and she just gave it to me,¬†I haven’t used it to create anything yet though.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

So here are the new products announced for this machine:       

Cricut Cake Premade Frosting Sheets

Cricut Cake New Tools and Covers

Cricut Cake New Aprons

So some of you know I was invited to the Cricut Imagine Gala, it was a blast I met some great new people and some¬†I already know from the internet only. They had an airbrush¬†tattoo artist giving tattoos to anyone who wanted one so we got in line and I got the Playboy Bunny on my chest it was the one he said no one had asked for yet and I thought why the heck not. They had music and finger foods and a bar out in the waiting area. They rushed us all into a great room with big fluffy white couches and more music dimmed lights and some high top tables. We got to see an awesome artist named David Garabaldi¬†who did some really nifty painting¬†with a DJ and awesome dance music. We watched the video footage of the 2 finalists stories for being the first to recieve¬†an Imagine, got to see the Imagine introduced and hear them talk about it a little bit. At the end we all got a gift bag with a cool Imagine t-shirt, Cricut Imagine sunglasses (the same ones being given out at the trade show), a Cricut Cartridge, and a Certificate for a new Imagine machine ūüôā yep I said it we all got an Imagine. It was so awesome everyone screamed and jumped for joy definitely a joyful room. I got the cartridge I wanted which was¬†“Country Life” I¬†had been wanting this one because we live on a farm out in the country and it’s perfect for my life and my family. The other ones given out were the new ones Winter Frolic,¬†Happy Hauntings, and Rock Princess.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

Here are a few photos, one of me and the 2 ladies I met and spent the entire Gala with (I am the one on the right), and a couple of the artist painting:       

My New Friends and Me at the Cricut Gala (I'm on the right)

David Garabaldi at the Cricut Gala Painting Martin Luther King

David Garabaldi at the Cricut Gala

Alright finally I have a few photos of other products I liked at the show that I will share with you here not too many though, maybe I will post more in another post later but for now these are it :).       

One new paper line I love is the new Harry Potter line coming out I just love the papers and embellishments and who doesn’t have a son who went as Harry Potter at least one Holloween, I know my son has been him like 3 or 4 times but he looks oddly very much like Harry :).¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

Harry Potter 2010 Paper Line From Creative Imaginations

I liked another one of their new lines a nice Halloween or Gothic Paper line:       

Creative Imaginations

I also liked this new line from Jillibean Soup called Chicken Soup it’s a farm based line and is just so super cute ūüôā :¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

Jillibean Soup - Chicken Soup

Jillibean Soup - Chicken Soup

Look at those cute little piggies LOL ūüôā I just love them. I tell you I saw a farm, country, folk art type of trend this year in a lot of the new items as well as a continuation of the nature and outdoorsy animal trends from last year.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

I have a ton more info and photos but I wanted to get this stuff up as soon as I could so you all wouldn’t have to wait for too long, as it is it took me a few days after I finally got home from the show, I will start working on the rest of my photos and probably post more next week.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

And remember¬†any questions you have about anything please feel free to post them I will try to answer them if I can ūüôā¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†


So they just released the pretty blue one a little bit ago and now there is going to be¬†an awesome red and white one with a pretty butterfly on it. It’s going to be an HSN exclusive sometime in February 2010 and will come with a bunch of new folders as well.

Here are 2 pics of it for you:

Red Cuttlbug HSN Exclusive


Red Cuttlebug HSN Exclusive

So there are some neat new Cuttlebug items being released this year as well. Some new folders, some new fun 12″ borders, new 12″ plates to accomodate them, lots of fun things I have pictures below so scroll down through them :).¬†

6x13 A Mat


6x13 B mats


Typeset 5x7 Embossing Folder


Clockworks 5x7 Embossing Folder


Dominos 5x7 Embossing Folder


Polka Dots 5x7 Embossing Folder


Kassies Brocade 5x7 Embossing Folder


Scrollwork A2 Embossing Folder


Graces Frame A2 Embossing Folder


Seeing Spots A2 Embossing Folder


Measure by Measure 7" Border


Love is in the Air A2 Embossing Folder Set


Plum Blossom A2 Embossing Folders Set


Oriental Weave A2 Embossing Folders Set


Perforated Postage Alphabet Embossing Plus 5x7 (Embossing + Cutting)


Brocade Window Embossing Plus 5x7 (Embossing + Cutting)


Embossed Tags Embossing Plus 5x7 (Embossing + Cutting)


Fanciful Labels Embossing Plus 5x7 (Embossing + Cutting)


Monogram Seals Embossing Plus 5x7 (Embossing + Cutting)


Vintage Collection Embossing Plus 5x7 (Embossing + Cutting)


Ellipse Embossing Plus (Embossing + Cutting)


Circle Frame Embossing Plus (Embossing + Cutting)


Swinging Flowers Embossing Plus A2 (Embossing + Cutting)


Heart Petals Embossing Plus A2 (Embossing + Cutting)


Blossoming Romance Embossing Plus A2 (Embossing + Cutting)


Lace Door Embossing Plus A2 (Embossing + Cutting)


Botanical 12" Border


Butterfly 12" Border


Caged Bird 12" Border


Quilling Kit Chrysanthemum


Quilling Kit Daisy


Quilling Kit Rose


Update: The Embossing Plus plates have a plastic protective cover over them that you can lift up¬†exposing the paper underneath after you cut it and you can ink them with stamps through the holes makes it a little easier to ink the raised portions since they are still stuck in the plate. Also the plates have the picture of the items it cuts and embosses¬†permantly¬†adheared¬†to the back for ease of finding¬†what you’re looking for.

Hey everyone I just wanted to share this card I made my little 6-year-old¬†son Chase for his 2nd tooth he lost. It’s a simple card not fancy but I thought it came out cute so I figured I would share.

A tip though ūüôā if you have a child who is very smart or observant I should say I don’t suggest making one of these types of cards LOL my son was happy at 4am when he found it under his pillow but this morning he realized it was all cut from my Cricut and my Cuttle Bug embossed it. Ah well I tried ūüôā Now he says the tooth fairy and santa and the easter bunny are all us guess that was a mistake ūüôā maybe he will forget about it?

Ok on to the card:

Tooth Fairy Card Front


Fairy Wing Closeup


Tooth Closeup


Tooth Fairy Card Inside


The white smudge on the inside near his name is where I smeared out our last name so the internet can’t se it ūüôā

So the card base was cut with A Child’s Year it’s the Tooth Fairy card without shift, the front was embossed with my Cuttle¬†Bug and the Stars folder, the Tooth Fairy is from A Child’s Year and is the shift Tooth Fairy, the inside of her wings was clear transparency sheet that I cut to fit behind the image and colored with a red Bic Marker, the Tooth is also from A Child’s Year TF Icon, as well as the tooth-brush, the tooth was cut from a piece of shiny white cardstock that my mother gave me they are the cardstock spacers¬†from the boxes where she works they separate¬†the curtain packages during shipping, the toothbrush is cut from Bazzil¬†cardstock¬†as is the Fairy, I used Sakura¬†White Gel pen, a Micron 01 black and a Micron 05 red,¬†Micron 05 blue,¬†and Micron brush black marker.

Leave me a comment let m know what you think ūüôā

Hello everyone ūüôā

I haven’t had a whole lot of time recently with everyone being sick here to create anything new or report on any new things out there in the crafting world.

So I figured I would share something I did a few months ago that has been really helpful to me, I was thinking this might be helpful to some of you as well so read on.

So I just like a lot of other crafters out there have a Cuttlebug made by Provocraft. I love my Cuttlebug it took me a few years to figure out that it would be something I could use and really needed to make my cards and pages rise to another level.

However I find that I don’t use it enough. It seems, although it’s small and convenient, that it is a lot to get out and try and figure out which folder I would like to use, testing on paper to see what will look right etc.

Well one night I had been looking for just the right folder and looked down at my desk and saw all the samples I had from trying this or that to see which one worked best with what I was doing. 

It hit me to make a string (I would have used a ring if I had one on hand) of embossing samples to make¬†this easier next time. So I set out with white¬†Georgia Pacific Cardstock and cut¬†the sheets into roughly 3×3 pieces I¬†believe, I then sat down and embossed each folder on each piece of cardstock. I left a strip at that bottom of the page so I could write the actual name or what I called it on there as well for easy reference when writing online or in notebooks about what materials were used.

If the folder had a strange layout like the Owl one I just embossed the owl, whatever was the important part of the folder. The label or journal one where it’s just outlined areas I embossed the intersecting lines. I did all of the ones I own, I did the larger ones as well as the smaller ones, I even did the ones with just words on them.

I punched holes in the corners and strung them all on a piece of embroidery thread and Viola all done.

I keep it where I can just pull it out and look for the texture I need, I can put them behind images or elements on my cards to see if it will go with the look and feel of the project. I chose to use white cardstock so they were neutral plus it’s much cleaner looking and with no color it doesn’t distract from the texture itself, I am thinking of doing the same thing on black cardstock as well, because we all know that embossing looks different sometimes on light and dark papers.

Alright so here are a few photos I took so you can get a better idea of what I am talking about. I will try and take a few more pictures later but my camera’s batteries died twice in 30 min and I am not sure why so I couldn’t take any more tonight.



Cuttlebug Samples



Cuttlebug Samples Side View



Cuttlebug Samples Title Close Up

Well my cuttlebug experiment did not work so I won’t go into what I was trying to do it just tanked horribly ūüôā back to the drawing board.

I am still trying to get started on my cartridge highlights and projects though and will have DS files hopefully created with each one as well.

I have been trying to get things organized here for a bunch of scout stuff going on so I have been a little busy this week.

I wanted to remind you guys there is a great sale at your local Michael’s Craft store on carts this week only 39.99 each including the new ones, so get on over there and get a great deal.

I am going to start highlighting the cartridges I have, I know there are a few blogs doing this but everyone has different views and hopefully my projects will inspire everyone to create more things with their Cricut.

I am also in the process of taking more photos of my Yudu process, at CHA I could not believe how many women were there wanting to know how it worked still and wanting so badly to see more. unfortunately they did not have the time nor the setup to show more than the pulling and printing itself. So I am going to take photos of me doing it again, I need to print a few more things so I figured I would share the process I take with everyone on here.

I also am experimenting with my cuttlebug and if it works out I will let you know what it is and show pictures and directions ūüôā it should be really neat.

I also want to say thanks to all my followers, I am almost to 100 now which is great!!!!

Hello again faithful bog followers ūüôā I lied I do have a little bit more info¬†I had forgotten about ūüôā but I so know you love me and my blog you will forgive me and just enjoy this great info coming up.

Ok so I have promo photos of the newest Cuttlebug embossing folders for summer and the holiday series as well that isn’t even here yet. I also have promo photos of the newest Yudu products that will be available very soon as well.

Also one more thing I think I forgot  to post in my other posts is that all the new cartridges are supposed to come out the beginning or the middle of September, the Gypsy should be out about the same time or a little later, same with the things I am about to talk about most are September releases some are available now too. Check out stores for more info on release dates and pre-ordering.

Ok so let’s start with the newest Cuttlebug embossing folders:


Diamond Plate

Diamond Plate


This is part of the 11 new folders that were recently released, I don’t believe they are available just anywhere though. I got them from QVC during a special they had about a month or so ago. I like this one it looks like metal flooring to me, or the neat plating on the sides of the Fire Trucks.


Fleur De Lis in Diamond pattern

Fleur De Lis in Diamond pattern



Flourish Frame

Flourish Frame


This is really pretty and could be used for journaling, or on the front of a card maybe with a simple stamp in the middle or the middle cut out and a photo placed behind it? The possibilities are endless.






Journaling Card

Journaling Card


I have to say I honestly am not sure what to do with this one, I know it says it’s for journaling, and I can see using it to make a list or something like that but other than that I am not sure what else I would do with it.


Morrocan Screen

Morrocan Screen



Owl Frame

Owl Frame


This is one of my favorites, I am loving all these great owl things coming out recently.





Another favorite of mine, I just love stars and these are great, could be used in many different ways.






Iron Works Border

Iron Works Border



Organic Border

Organic Border



Pop Culture Border

Pop Culture Border


Frame Damask Cutting/Embossing Combo

Frame Damask Cutting/Embossing Combo


Ornamental Ironwork Tag Cutting/Embossing Combo

Ornamental Ironwork Tag Cutting/Embossing Combo


Persian Cutting/Embossing Combo

Persian Cutting/Embossing Combo

So those are the ones you may have already seen, especially if you shop at or watch it on TV. I know I ordered them and I am by far not a TV shopper, but it was a really great deal. They had all but the cutting combo ones I believe.

So now we have the holiday or Winter 2009 embossing folder additions. I like these surprisingly, but I do like them, they could be used for a variety of projects not limited to just holiday ones.

Candy Cane Stripes

Candy Cane Stripes


Christmas Countdown

Christmas Countdown


Ribbons of Holly

Ribbons of Holly


Lace Christmas Tree

Lace Christmas Tree


Seasonal Greetings

Seasonal Greetings


Winter Trees

Winter Trees


Winter Border

Winter Border


So that’s what I have for the newest embossing folders for the Cuttlebug. I really like a lot of them, as usual they could be used for more than one thing and all are very nice.


Ok now onto the Yudu Update, I know there aren’t a whole lot of Yudu users out there but I love my Yudu machine,¬†I¬†have made about 20 t-shirts with it so far, I have used it to print on the Your Story book covers as well and I am sure I will use it for so much more as the year goes on. So anyway Provocraft has made some great additions to the Yudu family of products, things that will make our lives easier when it comes to printing with the Yudu.

Here are the photos:

Well there isn’t a photo for this but they have finally come out with 11×14 transparencies so we can fully utilize the emulsion sheets, no more wasted space, although you would need to have a large format printer to use these. You could draw on them or take them to kinkos maybe and have them print on it for you, the drawing thing doesn’t work out like it should no matter what kind of markers you use they just are not dark enough. Although you could also cut things out with your cricut and have a huge space to make a really cute design.

220 Mesh Screen

220 Mesh Screen


They have finally listened and are releasing a 220 Mesh Screen, this is great for anyone who likes to screen print on paper, the finer mesh allows for a better print on cardstock or paper. Great for printing invitations, or programs.


Adhesive Mat

Adhesive Mat


This is what you will need to print on paper and envelopes, the sticky on the Platen is to much it would tear a piece of paper, it has to be so sticky to hold the fabric on which leaves a little fuzz every time it’s taken off or moved around. So they came up with this plastic sheet. It is similar to the Cricut Mat in terms of stickiness, but it can be stick onto the platen and then removed easily since it is smooth on the back.

Emulsion Remover Concentrate with Sprayer

Emulsion Remover Concentrate with Sprayer


Sometimes I wonder if Provocraft has a secret camera installed in my house :). I put my emulsion remover into a small spray bottle so it wouldn’t get wasted and I could spray it just where I needed it. Then PC comes along and makes the same thing, suspicious I tell you ūüôā


Emulsion Remover Concentrate Refill

Emulsion Remover Concentrate Refill


They offer just the concentrate by itself for refills, which is good so we don’t have to keep buying spray bottles we don’t really need. or you can potentially use the one you have already at your home so you don’t have to spend the extra money to get a “Yudu” one.
Leg/Sleeve Platen

Leg/Sleeve Platen

This one could be for lots of stuff, including tote bags, and arms of long sleeve shirts, legs of pants. Anything long and thin would be good to use with this.
Toddler/Baby Platen

Toddler/Baby Platen

I am very happy about this one and cannot wait to get one of these, I have 3 small kids and have been using cardboard inside the shirts for awhile now in order to print on them using the Yudu. What I would have to do it cut a piece of cardboard the size of the inside of the shirt, spray it with re-positional adhesive and place it inside the shirt or onesie, then place the shirt or onesie on to the platen. If you do this you have to make sure you spray both sides of the cardboard insert otherwise the shirt will slip and slide on the platen, ruining your hard work.
New Small, Medium, and Large Squeege Pack

New Small, Medium, and Large Squeegee Pack

No more using credit cards and old gift cards to squeegee with, now they will have a 3 pack of the large medium and small squeegees. I am excited about this product as well, I really need the small and medium one, badly enough to purchase a second large one because of it.
The Yudu Accessory Bag

The Yudu Accessory Bag

Here is an accessory bag to carry or keep all your smaller Yudu things in, like squeegees and ink and things like that. I haven’t seen one of these in person so I do not know the specs on it or how large it actually is, I know it was told to me that it is a shoulder bag for traveling with your Yudu (Which is silly because the Yudu itself is huge and does not travel well with that glass panel in it) like taking it to a buddies house to make shirts, or maybe for a fundraiser event, something like pay to make your own shirt with pre-made screens, I am hoping it is big enough to hold the screens as well that would be great, actually really great would be if it was big enough to hold the platens as well but I doubt that will happen. I will probably buy it anyway because I like the look of it.
Ok that was the last of my updates, now I promise this is the last of my CHA info I got, I apologize about this one not being on or before earlier posts, but things get lost sometimes, at least I did find the info and post it eventually ūüôā
I really enjoyed going to CHA this year, it being my first show and all it was good in that respect, I will go next year to the trade show with the help of all of you as I need my blog to stay current, have industry related content for at least 12 months and be popular, so keep coming back and checking me out. I am hoping that I will be able to post everyday now that I don’t have massive amounts of information to type in each post ūüôā so by next year I should be eligible for the press pass and get a press kit and also be allowed to photo and video legally all of these things, as well as being exposed to loads of more info and more new products at the trade show. There was a difference between the 2, the Supershow had about 100 vendors there, the trade show had supposedly 600 vendors so there were things were not privy to as consumers, things the press was told about as well as shop owners, the people who needed to know about new stuff coming out soon. So needless to say I will be one of those people next year for sure ūüôā
I hope you liked all my updates and like I said follow me regularly I will have lots of cool stuff for you, check out my next post in a few minutes it is going to have a link in it to a great new site you can become a Beta tester for :)……………….