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For all you Gypsy owners, there is a new software update, it will include the newly announced cartridges as well as the Princess one from the last update if you did not update then.

This is not a software update it is just a cartridge update, those of us with the photo app will continue to have the photo app and those who don’t have it they are working on getting it fixe so all can have it.

Enjoy 🙂

Just hook your Gypsy up to your computer and start the Gypsy Sync program to download the update.

Also they updated Design Studio with the same cartridges as well so if you own that program here is the link to that download:

It’s just a font pack so scroll down to the font packs.


I saw they added some new cartridges so I thought I would post about it in case anyone was interested 🙂 

The First one I have info for is called “Just Because cards” this is full of neat things for cards for all kinds of occasions and for just because I wanted to send you a card occasions. I love the cuts in this cart and will definitely be getting this one. 

I have 2 photos now and will post handbook shots later: 

Just Because cards


Just Because Cards


So the next one is “Give a Hoot” a wonderful nature cartridge I love this one we have Raccoons that try to steal my garbage every night they are so cute but so messy I took some photos of them and now I need this cartridge so I can scrap my adorable couple who likes to dine at chez Bella Blu Cans the finest garbage in the neighborhood 🙂 

So here are 2 pictures of this one and later I will post some handbook shots: 

Give a Hoot


Give a Hoot


The next one I have for you is called “Preserves” This would be cute for anyone who makes jams and jellies or if you like fruits. 

I have 2 pictures of this one as well and will post more handbook photos later: 





And last but not least is “Straight From the Nest” this is really nice cartridge full of birds and cages and trees and leaves and some really pretty scroll work too. This will be an HSN exclusive cartridge though so you won’t be able to get it anywhere else. 

Here are 2 pictures for you and again I will upload handbook shots later tonight: 

Straight From the Nest


Straight From the Nest


They are also going to be releasing Serenade in April for purchase alone. 

All of these say they will be available in March. 

Also they will be retiring a few cartridges so get them now before the prices skyrocket. Here is the list of the ones being retired: 



Sans Serif 

Street Sign 

So come back later tonight to see the handbook photos of the 4 new cartridges, I am still working on them and can get more done after the kids go to bed. If they aren’t up tonight they will be no later than noon tomorrow.