I have had these done for quite some time now but my son is being lazy I guess or has just been too busy to finish his golf layout for his troop so I thought I would go ahead and share some of the Boy Scout dolls I made for him.

These are made by me, I did all the work on them he tried to create some but got frustrated and asked me to help him. the faces, shirt decorations, and lines are all hand drawn on these dolls. Andrew picked out each ones hair based on what each boy who participated in the merit badge looks like so they are supposed to individualized and look different.


Boy Scout Paper Dolls


These were made at 4″ the bodies were cut on Shadow so there were no facial features on ivory cardstock. The shirts are cut from the Police Man but the sleeves were long so I cut them down with scissors so they were short sleeves. I just couldn’t find a short sleeve button up shirt so mad my own. The shorts are from the Military guy. The Shoes are from Fall Boy. The hair on each boy is different for each one I am not going to list each one here.

I drew on them with my Micron pens, the super fine tips help get the details needed.

Let me know what you think 🙂 maybe later I will post my golf cart and golf bags I made for him as well, and maybe he will get 5 min to glue all his elements down so we can say done and move on 🙂