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Hey everyone, it’s been a few days since I posted anything so I thought I would post about the box and packages that arrived at my door the other day.

The first one was a nice little Christmas Surprise, it was my rebate cartridges from the Cricut BJ’s rebate, I bought an expression bundle from BJ’s and sent in the rebate and within 6 weeks I believe maybe a little longer I got my 2 cartridges: Pagoda and Old West which are awesome by the way. This is absolutely the fastest rebate I have ever done from Provocraft, in the past I as well as many others have waited as much as a year for other rebates so it seems that Provocraft has gotten a lot better at this rebate thing 🙂 Great Job Provocraft.

The other box contained a brand new Gypsy sent to me from Provocraft as well. I was very excited indeed I got everything out, registered it updated it and downloaded and printed the manual for it.

Of course it is the holidays so I haven’t had a huge amount of time to play with it yet but I am going out today to see if I can find a cheap tripod for my video camera so I can make some videos for my blog on how to use it. I am going to post in a different post in a bit about some of the things I have already done with it though, so check back in a little bit for that one.

I gotta run out for a few minutes though and get some last minute stocking stuffers for the kids and then get some cookies started baking for Santa.

Happy Holidays everyone 🙂

I am running a little late on this one but thought I would post the pictures and info anyway in case any of my readers had not seen it yet. Things have been super busy here at my house lately the beginning of the week is scouts and that means I am just really busy.

I am in the middle of helping my son as well, he is a neat kid likes to play with the Cricut and makes things, I still cut a lot of it out but he puts it all together etc. Well he is making little people from the 2 paper doll carts for  apage about thier Troop Golf Merit Badge class and I have been helping him with making the shirts look like Boy Scout uniform Shirts, it should be a cute layout when he is done with it.

Ok onto the carts 🙂 the first one we have is a nice Asian cartridge, I like this one I am a sucker for little geisha’s and cut asian things I have to say though if these end up being the end cuts I love the Panda with his but in the air, I love panda bears and these are super cute, I also like the Koi Fish as well looks a lot like the Yudu Art Koi which is good means I could use these on my shirts instead of buying the small pre-made Yudu art:




Next we have a very nice Western Cowboy type Cartridge, I like this one for so many reasons but I can see the possibilities with this one, think of all the great Boy stuff I can make for my boys having 3 sons and many country cowboy men in my family this will go a long way:

Old West

Old West


And last we have a Dinosuar Cartridge, again really great for the little boys and big boys in my family and yours, envision the boy who is obsessed with dinos think of how you could decorate his room with this cartridge and a stack of bazzil cardstock:

Dinosaur Tracks

Dinosaur Tracks


Very nice, I am loving all the new stuff coming out soon, I need to get a second job just to keep myself from going bankrupt buying all of these great things 🙂

These are rumored to be full cartridges so this is only a smidge of what will be on the final cartridges, I am not sure of any release dates but if I hear of something I will update again, I forsee these being available somewhere though before the end of the year (don’t quote me on that though I am just guessing).

I am still waiting to get my hands on Designer’s Calendar I cannot wait to play with that one, they have a lot of new things out there waiting to be released I know we are all happy customers waiting to play 🙂