So I have been experimenting with curves, levels, and channels as well as texture levels in Photoshop in order to achieve a vintage or old photo look. Sometimes it’s called the LOMO effect after a plastic camera with interchangeable lenses of the same name. The camera was not sealed very well thus let in light creating this washed out or high contrast photo.

I started playing around because I really liked the look of the Hipstamatic App (again named after a camera) for the iPhone but I don’t have an iPhone. I am really good at manipulating images and making them artsy with Photoshop, I have been using the program for about 12 years now, have dabbled in graphic design, actually had a design business for a few years before it burnt my brain to a crisp and made it not fun anymore. So I knew I could figure it out if I just played around, and viola I created the image below. The first is the original untouched straight from the camera image, and of course the second is the manipulated image.

Original Photo


Altered Photo


If anyone wants to know how I did this I wrote down what I did so I could recreate it, just comment and I will post the directions on this post at another time.