So I have been thinking about this blog and my crafting life a lot lately. For one thing I hate that I don’t post on here very much anymore, I feel very intimidated by my own blog. Strange I know but see I started it as a way to get information out to the masses about my favorite company “Provocraft” and all their great new, old and up and coming products. Then somehow it turned into a blog only about products and not about crafting really at all.

I guess this is the biggest thing I dislike, I feel I have nothing to post if I have nothing new to announce or talk about, even if I wanted to post about a project or life or anything really.

So I sincerely hope all the people who do follow and visit my blog often will continue to visit as I am going to change things up a bit around here.

I love crafting!!!!! I like pretty much all aspects of it, I am an artist and a photographer as well, I also like to fool around with making photos look vintage and different. So I will be posting lots of different things from now on, I will post about knitting, scrapbooking, card making, embroidery, painting, photos and life in general.

See I read a ton of blogs and the ones I seem to gravitate to all the time are ones that post on a multitude of subjects relating to their lives and their hobbies so I want to express myself and write down my thoughts and show all the great stuff I make 🙂 I never get to show it to anyone but my family so it will be nice to hear some other people’s thoughts as well.

So if you like crafts and neat artsy stuff subscribe if you haven’t already and keep coming back I hope to post at least a few times a week this year.