So are you wondering what the new Lite Cartridges will be for the Wal-mart black Friday sale? Have you seen the ad scans yet for Wal-mart? Well I did and it said the Lite carts are going to be 20.00 and I think it start’s at 12:01 not 5am, for these and a bunch of other great stuff.

So here are the 7 new Lite’s that will be available at the sale:

Jolly Holidays

Twinkle Toes




Four Legged friends




Zoo Day


Inspired Heart






I like most of the new ones, it’s nice they finally have a religious images cartridge (Inspired heart) and I like the holiday one too as I am a sucker for those types of images, the 2 I just don’t see me ever using are the Zoo one and the Cupcake one. Don’t get me wrong they are cute and all but I own a Gypsy and Design Studio and could easily do the same thing with images already on some of my cartridges. However that doesn’t mean someone else won’t enjoy them :).