Yes I said Cricut Magazine!!! The awesome people over at Northridge Publishing, you know the ones who put out “Scrapbook Trends”, “Cards” and a bunch of really neat Idea books each year, well they have just announced they are going to be making a Cricut dedicated magazine.

Cricut Magazine from Northridge Publishing

Thier magazines are more like little books than magazines, very nice pictures and tons of project examples. They are a bit pricey and I hope they eventually add this one as a digital edition, I subscribe to the digital all access with archives and I love it, I get all 4 of the publications plus all Idea books, all for less than 1 issue a month.

For now the new Cricut magazine seems to be print only and is available in January 2011, you can reserve your subscription now though 6 months is only 39.95 and for 12 months 74.95.  It sounds like a lot of money but when you think about it it’s a little over 6 dollars an issue and newstand price is usually 13.95 for these, so subscribing is a good deal.

So the magazine looks like it will be packed with 120 pages of scrapbook pages, cards, and other projects using all our favorite Cricut cartridges. You could even get one of your projects published as they are looking for great projects to add to future issues.

Go here and reserve your subscription now, I already did!!!