So it looks like I will be going to the trade show convention this year as a helper for Kim B. over at Cutters Creek, I was going anyway to the Provocraft Gala Saturday night to see the new Cricut Imagine and she had a spot open up on her team of people going so I offered to help her get the info she needs so you all get the best products at the best prices from her :). Seriously though Kim’s store is one of the best online stores for papercrafting items, I have never heard a bad thing not one about her and would recommend Cutters Creek 100 times out of 100 times for everything from selection to price to shipping times and especially customer service she is awesome and will go out of her way to make your ordering experience as easy as possible. So if you need anything check out her site Cutters Creek and look there in the future for all the great stuff I will be showing you from CHA.

I am excited I will have my camera of course, probably 2 of them since I have my Pro camera but I need to see about getting a shorter lens so I can take pictures up close again I dropped it and now my little lens won’t zoom in or out, I have my 300 but of course it will be of no use in this setting, well maybe at the Gala depending on how far away they seat me :).

I am a little nervous about the Gala I have never been to something like that alone before so if your going and you read my blog hey look for me or message me and we can look for each other 🙂 I will be wearing a plaid patchwork quilt looking dress (It’s nicer than it sounds LOL) with spaghetti straps short above my knees and a white sweater. I have short hair now as my MIL talked me into cutting it all off a month ago but it’s cute and curly and brown.

Well I am sure I will know some of the people there, I met people a few years ago when I wasn’t even a popular blog yet who had heard of me and everyone was super nice.

I will be taking tons of photos at the trade show some I can upload via my Omnia II during the show especially if anything really gets my attention, and then I will be updating Wednesday sometime as we have to come home Saturday night for my husband he has to take a medication that is regulated by a Dr.’s visit every month and he cannot survive without it and it just so happens his appt. is on Wed. morning so we are going to drive all night to make it back.

So I leave you with a photo I found on the net somewhere, but it’s been posted a bunch of times all over so I should be safe :), it is speculated that this machine on this table is the new Cricut Imagine.

Cricut Imagine