Well, I have been AWOL for a few months moving really was not very much fun. 24 hours before we left the old house a pipe burst flooding my entire house with about 6 inches of water. It was so bad it was leaking from the foundation to the outside. It ruind almost everything that was left inside the house that had not been put on the trucks. including computers which is why I haven’t been posting as much.

So we moved across country it seems 🙂 not really just vary much farther north to Tennessee, Franklin to be exact which is near Nashville. It is amazing here. I have set up all my stuff in the basement and am in the process of still getting all my stuff unpacked. It’s so pretty outside though I have a hard time being inside :).

We have a 4 bedroom house on 6 acres with a wooded area in the back about 4 of the acres and a creek through that, there is a huge wooden playset for the kids and another one by the creek a fire pit campground style with seating down there too.

We just got 17 chicks 15 females and 2 males they are red sex links which means they are rhode island reds and delewares mixed. Well we have had them for almost 2 weks now and have lost 3 already. Not lost as in we cannot find them lost as they went to giant coop in the sky. 2 were eaten by the neighbors dog (which is another story this dog has bitten my children about 10 times now and isn’t supposed to be over here) and one my youngest son (6) though could fly so he threw it up in the air and it broke it’s neck when it landed.

They are so pretty and so neat they foloow us around sometimes when we let them forage in the grass. Super cute.

I am also getting 2 sheep in the fall or spring I haven’t decided if I want to go with what the sheep breeder told me and get 2 full grown Proven Ewes to lamb for me and then get rid of the adults or get 2 lambs. The advantage is with the ewes I get 2 fleeces and could end up with 4 lambs tops if both twin, if I get lambs I will have to wait ti breed and to get fleece. I also need to pick a breed for wool I like.

I have an entire bag of wool right now 8 pounds I bought from a women at the fiber festival coopworth wool, I washed it and dried it and need to card it, however my hubby isn’t shelling out for more than one hobby anymore so I have dog slickers to card with for now untill I find a nice person who has carders they no longer need that they want to lend me or give me. Or until I sell some hand dyed hand spun wool yarn I am making. I am teaching my 4 year old to do it and she is pretty good at it and super cute at the same time.

I need to get some photos up here so you can see what I am talking about.

I am starting to get back into Cricuting though, I bought a Cricut Lite cartridge Live Simply I think is the name, and I bought Independance Day and Give a Hoot as well. So I have some projects I want to try out with those especially.

Love my gypsy still use it almost every day even just to play with it’s great when I want to be outside or when the kids want to go to the creek.

I am very happy for sure 🙂 and I promise you will see a post a day and projects from me starting this week. Oh and I am dying to see the Cricut Circle 🙂

Ok back to chopping up a dead tree with a chainsaw man country life is fun LOL.