So there are some neat new Cuttlebug items being released this year as well. Some new folders, some new fun 12″ borders, new 12″ plates to accomodate them, lots of fun things I have pictures below so scroll down through them :). 

6x13 A Mat


6x13 B mats


Typeset 5x7 Embossing Folder


Clockworks 5x7 Embossing Folder


Dominos 5x7 Embossing Folder


Polka Dots 5x7 Embossing Folder


Kassies Brocade 5x7 Embossing Folder


Scrollwork A2 Embossing Folder


Graces Frame A2 Embossing Folder


Seeing Spots A2 Embossing Folder


Measure by Measure 7" Border


Love is in the Air A2 Embossing Folder Set


Plum Blossom A2 Embossing Folders Set


Oriental Weave A2 Embossing Folders Set


Perforated Postage Alphabet Embossing Plus 5x7 (Embossing + Cutting)


Brocade Window Embossing Plus 5x7 (Embossing + Cutting)


Embossed Tags Embossing Plus 5x7 (Embossing + Cutting)


Fanciful Labels Embossing Plus 5x7 (Embossing + Cutting)


Monogram Seals Embossing Plus 5x7 (Embossing + Cutting)


Vintage Collection Embossing Plus 5x7 (Embossing + Cutting)


Ellipse Embossing Plus (Embossing + Cutting)


Circle Frame Embossing Plus (Embossing + Cutting)


Swinging Flowers Embossing Plus A2 (Embossing + Cutting)


Heart Petals Embossing Plus A2 (Embossing + Cutting)


Blossoming Romance Embossing Plus A2 (Embossing + Cutting)


Lace Door Embossing Plus A2 (Embossing + Cutting)


Botanical 12" Border


Butterfly 12" Border


Caged Bird 12" Border


Quilling Kit Chrysanthemum


Quilling Kit Daisy


Quilling Kit Rose


Update: The Embossing Plus plates have a plastic protective cover over them that you can lift up exposing the paper underneath after you cut it and you can ink them with stamps through the holes makes it a little easier to ink the raised portions since they are still stuck in the plate. Also the plates have the picture of the items it cuts and embosses permantly adheared to the back for ease of finding what you’re looking for.