So today was the first day of the inter CHA Consumer Super Show and Provocraft has revealed some if not all of its new items.

The Cricut Cake machine of course was let out yesterday and I have a post about it below with photo’s of the machine, and the exclusive cartridge that comes with it.

If you go to it now shows you this was the Sweet item they were hinting at and clicking on the banner takes you to a page where you can sign up via email for updates on its actual release as it does not have release dates posted yet.

Another key item is it says “Make cakes just like the Professionals” now this may be pointing in the direction that this is not made for the Professionals Cake Maker (although we have already heard that some have made space for it) since License Agreements and selling out of a store ould violate the current cartridge agreements. So not sure where that will end up but I thought it was an interesting thing to point out.

Here are a few things:

Special 12x12 Cake Mat


Special 12x24 Cake Mat


Cake Machine Blades with Protective Caps