Hey everyone I have been working on this file and thought I would go ahead and share it with you all. It’s  a Christmas ornament that can actually be hung on  a tree if you wanted to 🙂 This was designed on my Gypsy and was the first thing I have actually designed using it (although I have a few others I have done but aren’t ready for sharing yet).

I love my Gypsy have I told you all that yet or enough 🙂 I really do though, I have had DS since it’s release a few years ago but I never really got into using it for more than laying out things I wanted to cut. The Gypsy has opened up so many possibilities for design, I know some of the same tools are in DS but for me the stylus just gives me the feeling of having more control over it, I can tweak things very quickly and very easily 🙂

Ok here is a screenshot of the file, it comes like this all laid out on the mat ready to cut out:

Screenshot of the file


Now how to put this together after you cut it out……..

Of course the circles with either the stars or the snowflakes are the top or front of the ornament, the plain circle is the back but will be the color you see through the cutouts, the 2 small rectangles are the top of the ornament and the rings are the hanger part.

I have another version of this file I am trying to get finished up that has the plain circle welded with the rectangle and the ring as one piece. I will share that at a later time as well when I finish it and test it out. Oh and I have one more version of this without the plain circle for the back instead it has the circle with the cutouts done 2 times so you can put clear or colored plastic acetate in the middle and have a neat stained glass look, again I will share this one too but later I have a meeting to go to tonight and I need to get things ready for that.

Here is a photo of the snowflake one finished:

Actual Cut Out Finished Example


So here are the links to the files please leave me a comment to let me know you liked it or not even 🙂 Thanks

Gypsy File –  http://www.4shared.com/account/file/196235907/13021f87/Ornaments_Cutting_Layout.html

Design Studio File –  http://www.4shared.com/file/196219747/4de61b51/OrnamentsCuttingLayout.html

Also I know I hate it when peole don’t tell me what catridges were used before I download so, I used george, plantin and Gypsy wanderings but only the snowflake is from the gypsy so if you don’t have that one you could just delete that from the file before cutting.