Well I have had my Gypsy for a little while now, I have loaded all my cartridges on it with no problems at all, except I am lazy and still have not loaded George because it involves hooking up to the Cricut and I just haven’t had a minute really to do that yet.

Some of you may know my MIL was diagnosed with Lymphoma in November and began Chemo in early December and it has been a hard first 2 treatments involving multiple hospitalizations, and lots of time being eaten up taking care of her and her needs. Hubby (her son) is still out-of-town on business and has been since 2 days after her first treatment so that leaves just me and my mom to help her out. My oldest son is 11 and is very good at helping with basic needs so he has stayed with her on and off cleaning and cooking etc. While I stay home with my 3 other younger children trying not to go out too much so we don’t get infected with something icky and spread it to her.

So time is kind of limited around here, although things have gotten better and have slowed down a bit so I had some time to actually use my Gypsy in a way I wanted to use it :).

Ok back to my Gypsy experience so far, I loaded all of my cartridges and it took maybe 30 seconds each and no issues at all they all loaded nicely and I have about 45-50 of them. So I dove right in to the Gypsy looking around playing with settings, you may have seen in an earlier post I found a cute case to put my Gypsy and cords in to carry around easily.

I bought a nice rubber Gypsy brand cover thing to protect it, I do have to say though I originally wanted to Cherry Blossom one but when I got to the store they looked really cheap the graphics looked off if you will I just didn’t like it up close. I chose the pink Bling one and I really do like it, it’s printed nicely and gives you that extra grip when your holding  it for a long time.

I created a few files and deleted them right away or just didn’t save them at all. I finally took some time and created something I had in my mind for a long time (which I will share later for free with all of you) and was very pleased with how the process of creating works.

I have yet to test cut it though I think part of the reason for this is I am so used to having to put cartridges in and out of the Cricut using overlays and getting out the books or hooking up my laptop if designed with DS. All of this in my limited space is a real pain so I know I keep thinking this will take forever like usual but deep down I know I am wrong I know the Gypsy will streamline the process, no laptop no switching cartridges no looking for books and overlays I know it will be easier now.

So tomorrow I will get a few minutes and lay out my paper on my mat and hook up the Gypsy (and probably update my Cricut firmware first LOL ) and cut this nice file out to make sure it cuts out perfectly and then I will upload it to some site somewhere and share the link with all of you :).

One hint on the file,  it is a Christmas file and made with Plantin Schoolbook. I know a little late for this past one but don’t think of it that way think of it as very early for 2010.

All in all I am very happy with the Gypsy I love it, I can use it while I sit with my 2 youngest at night waiting for them to fall asleep, I can use it while I wait for my MIL somewhere, I can use it anywhere and it is small but not too small and lightweight and although I am very computer savvy I think it was very easy to figure out how to use it.

If you are on the fence about buying one and money is not the reason, I really do recommend going for it you will not regret it. I am sure it’s hard to pay that much money for something but once you get over that you won’t even think about it.

Oh and one more thing, I have 4 kids ages 11, 7, 6 and 4 and even though I had my cartridges and overlays and books stored in this nifty storage system I made from ribbon storage containers and plastic canvas my littlest ones always seemed to find a way to open it and walk off with a book, or a cartridge or overlay something and I would find it under the couch or in a corner or in the cat’s bed 🙂 but now that I have my wonderful Gypsy I have put all my Cricut cartridge things into my locked cabinet and locked the door, it’s not inconvenient anymore because I don’t need to look at them all the time, even though I think for some things you do still need access to your booklets since they show the items put together for some cuts and the Gypsy only shows the parts so the booklets help you pick the right items easily. But I can get them if I need them I won’t need them as often, plus you can print out the nice 8 1/2 x 11 pages some people have scanned and created for the booklets and use a 3 ring binder and then if it gets ripped by a little hand or goes missing it could be replaced very easily.

Look for y free Gypsy file tomorrow (and yes it will also hopefully be converted to a DS file for those of you who do not own a Gypsy yet).