Well I bought a case to put my Gypsy, the power cord, and the 2 USB cords in. I was looking for something Gypsy related but apparently they do not sell anything as of yet. Like the one from the HSN bundle I couldn’t find one anyway. So I figured I would just use some other kind of case meant for something else to hold everything, be stylish and not be bulky something I could carry around easily, possibly with handles but not a necessity.

So I tried an old make up bag/travel case I had bought a few years back for a 7 day camping trip. It is cute it has a handle on top, is camouflage, and has white embroidered skulls all over it with orange silk interior and orange plastic skull pulls on the zippers. However it was too big and was bulky so I gave up on using it for that.

So I went to Wal-Mart and looked for a make up case or small travel bag, could not find anything I really liked they were all cheap looking or too small or too big.

So I tried Target and found the perfect case 🙂 It was in the in the specialty soaps and lotions section, like where the Bert’s Bee’s stuff is. Anyway the company that makes it is called “Soap and Glory” they mak soaps and lotions and body products with a 50’s flare to the packaging.

So the case is not to big and not too small either it holds everything just right for me, my Gypsy with the pink bling Gypsy rubber on it and the Gypsy slide on cover, the charger, and the 2 USB cords, oh and an extra stylus. I really like this case I have taken it out with me a few times now and I get initial attention just from the case alone, then when people see me pull the Gypsy out I get more attention and questions about it. It’s fun for sure and the case was cheap only 14.99 + tax.

Ok on to the photos 🙂 I took a bunch of great pictures of the case showing it off and showing how everything fits inside of it:

Side and Partial Top View


Back/Bottom View


Top View


Inside View Empty


Inside View with Gypsy and Charger


Inside Cover View Showing Pocket That Holds the 2 USB Cords and Extra Stylus


Alright I would love to hear what you think about this cute unconventional Gypsy Case 🙂 I said before I just love he 50’s style and te pin-up girl on the top too this is very cute.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think 🙂