I thought I would share photos of the ornament I made for my Mother in Law who was recently diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma stage 2 I believe. She started Chemo at the beginning of the month and just went for her second treatment this week and has been having a really rough time with the treatments so I made her this ornament so she could see that we all “Believe” she will get through this, and then later she can hang it on her tree and know she survived it and remember how strong she is for it. 

Ok so here are the photos: 

Lymphoma Glitter Ornament

Lime Green is the Lymphoma Awareness ribbon color. The inside bottom has a Mica white glitter in it that reflects the green sometimes and other times it’s white and pink and blue and purple it’s pretty in person, it also has some fine white glitter as well. 

Believe written on one side

This side says Survivor 09-10 (for 2009-2010) Lymphoma

Another shot of the Ribbon inside

I tied the ribbon to the lid of the ornament with lime green sewing thread so it blends in and looks like it is just suspended in th middle of the ornament.  

She loved it, didn’t put it on the tree yet though, maybe when she feels better she will do it. 

Here is the box I made to put it in, it was tied up and ready to go. 

Handmade Box

This is the first box I have ever made 🙂 I thought it turned out nice. 

Leave a comment I love to hear what others think of my work 🙂