Please hopefully all of you and more get to see this, I have already heard from a few people now not just one that they could not cut with the expression machine after installing this update. It apparently does make you update your firmware (I had used it with SCAL on my and test cut but I do not run DS while using SCAL) and it crashes your machine.

Please let everyone know PC does know about this and will most likely be pulling it from the download page soon. I don’t have definite information on this problem but to be on the safe side I would be cautious and just wait. It doesn’t really have anything dire important in it anyway, plus the Gypsy updates for DS in it aren’t working either.

Also I have a request can you please leave comments on my page once in a while as it keeps my Blog up in the top when people search for things related to the content on here. I appreciate all your help in keeping this blog active 🙂