Hello all, I just wanted to hopefully reach new Gypsy owners. Apparently Provocraft did not put this information in much of their Gypsy stuff inside of your package.

The Gypsy comes loaded with the 2 carts, those are there for you to play with to experiment with BEFORE loading your own personal cartridges onto the Gypsy. Once your link your carts they are linked for life you will not be able to unlink them if you decide to return your Gypsy. This is a big deal because if you ever wanted to trade or sell your carts you would not be able to do this with another Gypsy owner.

So Please head this warning and DO NOT LINK YOUR CARTRIDGES until you are 100% certain you will be keeping your Gypsy.

Also HSN has a great deal on the Gypsy right now still with flex pay options, and comes with a full cartridge called Destinations. I cannot find any photos of what is on this cartridge but here is a photo of what you get from HSN.

HSN Gypsy Bundle with Destinations Cartridge

HSN Gypsy Bundle with Destinations's Cartridge


When I find Destinations images I will post them here for you all 🙂