I was in Michael’s last night and guess what they already have the Gypsy available as well, apparently it has been for sale in their store since Monday. There are plenty of them there as well even after they took and put aside the ones for the pre-orders so if you were looking for one locally go check out your Michael’s store.

However a little birdy told me there may be an unadvertised sale on them come Sunday which is only tomorrow on their official release date for Michael’s anyway. I also was told to consider waiting because this may be a black friday item going very low for a few hours on Thanksgiving night.

But don’t quote me on all that I only get it from my inside source and am not 100% sure on the reliability of that info. I would hate for you to walk in tomorrow and say hey April from Bella Blu said these would be on sale, because I don’t know that for sure ;).

Enjoy your Gypsy’s to all of you who got one already, I really want one but I need a large format printer more so I am in the process of trying to save for one.

Hey that brings me to a question lurking in my head……..I wonder if my work and some free files that I post is worth a donation here and there? If I put up a PayPal donation button would you be inclined to donate so I can get more toys to play with more things to help me create more to share with you? Or is that just being a little pushy? I am really curious and would love some comments on this so please let me know if this is a bad idea or a good idea.