Saturday October 3rd is World Cardmaking Day, if you have never made cards before this is a great time to try it out. join millions and billions of people making cards on the same day.

Make your Christmas cards early or at least get started, check out neat Blogs for inspiration, make cards to donate to a charity that sends cards out to sick people, get together with your kids, family, friends, or scrap buddies and make cards all day long, put them into a show box and deliver them to a local nursing home for the residents to be able to give each other.

My Scouts do this we make cards from donated materials, or from cards that were mistakes people send to me we fix them (most of the time what you think is a mistake we cannot find) and put them into categories divided in the box, birthday, anniversary, sympathy etc. we include envelopes when we can.

I then take the box to the local nursing home (the kind the residents cannot leave usually) and leave it with the nurses they then tell the residents they are there for them to have for free to give out to each other. We get such a great response from the residents they just light up when we come in there now. Most of them cannot get out to get cards of their own and this gives them the opportunity to feel more normal and give cards to each other, to cheer people up and just put a smile on someones face. We have been told that the moral there has improved 100% since we started doing this. I wish I had more money and supplies or knew how to get sponsors for it because we would love to do it for all of our nursing homes in this area.

Anyway back to the fun of Card Making day 🙂 here is a link to the official website:

There is a blog, there are a few bloggers doing a card a day countdown for inspiration and there is a ton of ideas on how to celebrate this festive day for crafters around the world.