Hey everyone check out the great deal on HSN.com today or check it out on the live show if you want to see a demo of all the great features too.


It’s a nice deal 299.95 with free SH and 5 flex pay payments of 59.95 as an option. This comes with the Gypsy loaded with the 2 carts it is supposed to come with, it also comes with the full cartridge of Don Jaun which is the hard cart not a digital version, the black and pink protective sleeve, a stylus, a black and pink carrying bag (this is a larger one which will hold all of the extras), AC adapter, a car charger, a USB Cord, Cartridge connect cord, and a fast start card.

Now in the stores you will only be getting for the same price, the gypsy with the 2 loaded carts, the pink and black sleeve, a stylus, AC adapter, USB cord, cartridge connect cord, and a fast start card.

The HSN deal will go quickly, the show will be on again at 4am, 8am, 11am, 12pm, 4pm, and 9pm.

I would order early if you really want this with the payments because I don’t think it will last at this price and with all the great extra’s added in.

HSN Gypsy Bundle

HSN Gypsy Bundle