I have been trying to get things organized here for a bunch of scout stuff going on so I have been a little busy this week.

I wanted to remind you guys there is a great sale at your local Michael’s Craft store on carts this week only 39.99 each including the new ones, so get on over there and get a great deal.

I am going to start highlighting the cartridges I have, I know there are a few blogs doing this but everyone has different views and hopefully my projects will inspire everyone to create more things with their Cricut.

I am also in the process of taking more photos of my Yudu process, at CHA I could not believe how many women were there wanting to know how it worked still and wanting so badly to see more. unfortunately they did not have the time nor the setup to show more than the pulling and printing itself. So I am going to take photos of me doing it again, I need to print a few more things so I figured I would share the process I take with everyone on here.

I also am experimenting with my cuttlebug and if it works out I will let you know what it is and show pictures and directions 🙂 it should be really neat.

I also want to say thanks to all my followers, I am almost to 100 now which is great!!!!