Of course most of you know that I am in the process of refining the look for Bella Blu Design and i have decided I like this header better so I changed it.

Also another great new thing if you type in http://www.bellabludesign.com it will bring you here, for now. 🙂 So until I get my store uploaded and finished my new URL will direct everyone here. I ended up having to go ahead and buy it because I talked on here about getting bellablu.com which I had already looked to see if it was available and some sleeze saw my post and bought the URL and wants a load of money for it now, I learned that one the hard way keep it to yourself until you own it that’s for sure. So I had to buy Bella Blu Design and when I went to register my DBA name originally it was Designs instead of Design but there is a women in Texas using the first one for her business so I had to go with design. Hopefully it won’t get confusing with graphic design businesses.

Ok so I did sign up for Twitter and it was super easy so if you have a Twitter account and want to follow my Twitter Tweets about this blog and eventually sales on my site then please look for bellabludesign on Twitter, and again it was super easy to sign up for, I am not sure if it emails you when someone twits but I do know if you have a cell phone you can sign up to get tweets sent to the phone as a text message if you have unlimited texts this would be good.