So last night my husband our little ones and myself went over to my mother in laws house for her 60th birthday. It was really cute we parked by the pool and walked to her house while she was at the tanning place so we could decorate and hide to surprise her. Let’s just say the kids were so excited about all this they had all they could do to contain their noisy excitement. It was nice she was surprised we had cake and ice cream, and hung around and hula hooped for awhile afterward. My mother in law may be turning 60 but she looks like she is 40 and has the mind and attitude of a 30 year old easily :).

Then we were on the way home and my husband had gone ahead because he had one more client he needed to meet with and get done before coming home, well since we stayed so late I called to see if he was finished yet and he was. He was in Michael’s looking at Cricut Cartridges because I had told him they have and unadvertised special this week for the 4 new ones for 44.99 each. So we show up there to see what he’s got and had all 4 in the cart but we walked around a bit and he decided we could wait on the sweethearts one for a bit since it only really had about 4-6 things I really wanted on it.

Well I came home exhausted myself, and in severe pain my ankle was sprained at camp about a month and half ago and is still swollen and bruised pretty badly but we don’t have health insurance so I can’t afford 1500 for an MRI so I have just been limping around on it hoping it would get better soon. This was a bad day indeed, so I just came home and layed down in the recliner to put it up and fell asleep.

I got woken up from bed (I went to bed around 4am) this morning by my hubby standing over me asking me will Michael’s take back the cartridges if I haven’t opened them? I said sure but why, thinking he figured out we didn’t really have the money because it was 148.00 for the 3 we bought with tax. Nope he had found a deal that was emailed to him (from the CHA mailing list we got put on) for Oh My Crafts having a labor day sale.

He went to thier site put all 4 carts in his cart by way of a 4 cart bundle they had for 174.00 entered the coupon code LABORDAY and added priority mail shipping to see what it came out to, well all totaled up it was 134.00 cheaper than the 3 we bought last night and we were getting all 4. So that’s why he was waking me up to see if he could retunr the others so he could get all 4 🙂

He doesn’t even use the Cricut but I have him hooked now on buying stuff for it, mostly anyway 🙂 Just take your husbands to CHA so they can see this is a big thing and not just some weekend hobby.

So again if you missed it go to Oh My Crafts and enter the code LABORDAY for your 15% off.