scraphdlogoOne of the new companies at CHA this year was a new digital scrapbooking site. However they call theirs a Hybrid site because they encourage you to do digital and then print and add embellishments making your pages Hybrids in the scrapbooking world.

They have a list of great companies to offer products from, for example Jenni Bowlin is one of them (although I still have yet to find any of her stuff in the Beta version). There are all kinds of things from pre-made theme pages where you just drop in your photo’s to papers, tags, buttons, stamps, etc that you put together yourself on a blank page with your photos creating your own masterpiece.

Now this site is innovative in that it will at launch be a membership driven site, this means that the majority of their users will pay a low monthly fee of somewhere between 9.99 and 19.99 a month, for this fee you will have full access to all of the items on the site thus being able to create from 1 to 1 million pages a month for that one low fee. You will be able to print out your pages on your own or take them to Kinkos to be printed in one of 3 sizes a 5×7, 8×8, and 12×12. Now of course you will need a large format printer to print 12×12 pages, so they do offer a service to print the pages individually or in book style but they recommend printing individually anyway so you can put them in your own albums and also so you can add embellishments afterward.

There is no printing available during the beta test though and not all of the features will be available either, nor all of the papers and elements that will be in the final version. they are really just looking for people to try it out and let them know what works and what doesn’t.

So here is the link ScrapHD just look in the upper right hand side for the link under the large pink create a scrapbook button, it says login or sign up, but hurry because I think there will be a cutoff as to how many people they let in.