Ok so this is the last of my Gypsy info for sure, I did ask a lot of questions while I was there and I think some of the things I asked might be important to someone else as well :).

Some things about the new Gypsy, there is no video out port on it nor is there plans for one to be on a future model either so no slide shows for that photo software they are bringing out on release date, and no being able to plug in and use this over a video monitor to help teach classes about designing with Design Studio or showcase things in a class or teach about the use of the Gypsy either, I did ask about an emulator which is a program you could have on your computer that functions basically like the interface of the Gypsy so you can show how to use it, he said they have one for themselves but had not thought of releasing it to the public but was open to the idea of telling corporate about at least letting teaching staff or registered teachers who teach PC specific classes have access to it. (Hopefully not for a fee).

The GDS software can only shadow an image if it is already a feature on the cartridge your working with.ย The flip command in the Gypsy software is logical so you will not have to write your word backwards first, very nice. There is no hide contouring in this software as of yet either, also like I said in a previous post all Gypsy and CDS files are interchangeable both ways, I asked how the differences between the 2 programs would be handled how would one react if it didn’t have that feature like for instance the grouping feature on Gypsy which is not on CDS obviously, the man I spoke with said it wouldn’t be conflicting and didn’t seem to think there would be any issues, however in his tone he seemed to hint around at an update for CDS that will fix it anyway. Which would be good since this is what most of us have been asking for forever.

Of course I already talked about the photo app program they will have for download when you register I didn’t say before but it is a free add on it’s their way to get you to register your Gypsy because that is the only way for you to get the software ๐Ÿ™‚ Sneaky PC.

You will not be able to wirelessly connect to your friends Gypsy and share your designs or connect via a wire directly either you will need a computer of some sort and CDS so you can save it on your computer and then just email it or put it on a usb stick for your friends. You will of course be able to download CDS designs from other people sites too but you will still need a computer and CDS to transfer the files to your Gypsy.

Even though it says that the Gypsy is compatible with Mac’s the man kept saying PC over and over in relation to the exchange and downloading of images so I asked did he mean that it wasn’t compatible and he said yes it was not in relation to CDS.

The Mac compatibility comes in when you update with new cartridge info, for instance say they come out with 3 new cartridges in order to download the info onto your Gypsy when you don’t own the cartridges you would connect to either a PC or a Mac and then connect to a web based application which will download the info to your Gypsy. So it’s a bit sneaky I think telling people it’s Mac Compatible when we all know CDS isn’t.

So it does come loaded with the entire current cartridge library info just like CDS. It has about 4GB of storage on it, no info on whether it will be expandable though. It comes with a tiny USB port for connecting it to the Cricut and comes with a long 5 foot cable, it also has a 26 pin proprietary port on it for the cable to load your cartridges on it, again this cable comes with it and is much shorter.

The Battery is a rechargeable lithium ION battery, non replaceable, and I was told it would last for years, however I was also told if it failed and you needed another unit that you could get one with the same serial number ported to it so your cartridges will still work.

I can tell you the rumor that this was based on a Nintendo DS is totally false, I said that before anyway I have a Nintendo DS and knew the minute I saw the Gypsy it wasn’t anything like the DS except for the being able to write on it and use a stylus, the DS has better recognition software in it I think for the stylus anyway.

Ok one last thing I asked if they tested all sorts of designs on this thing like really complex designs created using CDS could they replicate the same designs using GDS, I was told that he was not sure what types of designs were tested but he was sure that we would be able to do anything and more with this than with the CDS versions on our PC’s, I questioned this because my PC/Laptop has more speed and more memory so ti logically should be faster and therefore would be able to better handle extremely complex designs using many different cartridges, I told him I doubted the GDS system would even compare so maybe this was really for the CDS novice and for children or teenagers that like to scrapbook. He just laughed and said he wasn’t really sure and I would just have to wait until they were released to see for myself. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Interesting when you put a man on the spot how they squirm.

So that is the end of my info I have for you at least on the Gypsy product, Iย have more coming up later tonight about more Provocraft products now that my Florida Power and Light breaker box has been repaired and I have consistent reliable power and am not using the generator anymore, it was a bad day yesterday to say the least.

One more the retail price of the Gypsy will be 299.99 however I have already seen it online for 259.99 wih free shipping, and if you search on google there was one store offering a layaway sort of program for it. You pay 49.99 now and then make payments of at least 42.99 until the units come in. I look at it as a sort of forced savings, yes I could save the same money on my own however I would find something I needed it for ๐Ÿ™‚

Also I did get an exact release date for the Gypsyย and was told it would be out in Michael’s craft stores first on October 4th.