Alright let me take some time to get down some more of the Gypsy information I got at CHA.

The unit I played with was a beta so it didn’t have the full software loaded onto it, but it did have the design software on it and at least one cartridge of images to play around with. I was threatened bodily harm if I was to try and run with it though by a very big man ūüôā I assured him I just wanted to play with it for a bit ūüôā

It is¬†interesting and different using a stylus to pick things, I don’t like the roughness of the images but was told that would be changed in the final version, I also didn’t like the feature of moving your pen over the image and a larger version floating onscreen it made it hard to click on some things on the sides or on other images next to them as the larger pop up was in the way.

I still wish they would have introduced a free form drawing match system in this software where say you draw a daisy as best you can it would have matched all images that could wither be put together from you own carts or shown you images that were already made on existing carts. But I did mention this and was told they would pass along my info and see if corporate liked my ideas.

The Gypsy itself will hold 7000 cartridges and 10,000 images, however at launch it will only have the capability of 80 cartridges since that is what is currently offered by Provocraft now. You will be able to update the software via your PC and download firmware updates as well. So this lovely mobile device most likely will not fall behind in the world of technology.

Some great things I got to see was the ability to move the images around the mat with the stylus, so if you want to place it in the middle to build it and then move it to the top to save paper or for paper placement if using multiple colors of paper you just touch it and drag it up there.You can change the size by pressing the dots above and below the arrow, you can easily zoom in on your image and again touch the screen with the stylus and hold it on and draw around and it will drag the zoomed screen around.

It comes of course with 2 cartridges loaded, Gypsy Font and Gypsy Wanderings, Gypsy font is very much like Cursive 101 so I don’t think your really getting much there except a letter font right out of the gate if you didn’t have a cursive one, and then Wanderings is¬†a bunch of images,¬†I think I saw a skull, some flowers, some swirly things, it’s really just a basic¬†offering of images I think look very similar to the ones we already have. That said I don’t think this unit is worth the money they are asking¬†retail, 299.99 is a bit much. However they are using the 2 100.00 carts included which makes the unit only 100.00 however I don’t they are thinking about all of us who only buy carts when they are on sale and pay no more than 50.00 each for them. I still think it’s a great product I just don’t agree with the price point. But we also can think of a lot of their items that go on sale right off at launch too so we may see it for 200.00 in Michael’s launch week.

Another feature is being able to rotate images with the advanced tab with just a touch of your stylus, you can also make it lean left or right, flip the image upside down, and flip it side to side. Another feature is being able to group images, so you would select one letter and then touch group and select the other letters, now whatever you do to one gets done to all, like moving them around and sizing. This is great for moving to another part of the mat for cutting after you have finished designing.

When you purchase your Gypsy if you go online and register it you will get an additional software app as well, a photo app that will allow you to view and edit your photos on your Gypsy. The Gypsy has a battery life of about 4 hours, constant and 16 hours intermittent. It is compatible with Mac OSX, and Windows Vista 32 and 64 bit.

It does not erase your cartridges at all like some people originally thought, instead you hook up your cartridge via a special¬†USB cable and upload the content onto the Gypsy, that cartridge then is married to your Gypsy making it impossible to load it onto another Gypsy unit. However the cartridge is fine and will work on any Cricut machine, that way you can load all your cartridges on your Gypsy and go to a crop party use your Gypsy and let your friends use your cartridges directly on their Cricut’s. This is great news in my opinion as I would not have even thought of purchasing the unit had it wiped out the cartridges.

I also love the search feature, I put in simple terms like flower and got a few flowers since it only had the 2 Gypsy cartridges on it, but then I searched for rock and roll and got the skull, I searched for food being vague and got an apple. So it works very nice and isn’t specific to certain words, you could search for a baby bottle or just baby and get specific results or broad results all dealing with baby.

The unit comes with a 12 month warranty so should something happen to it you can send it back in and they will send you a new unit with the same serial number programed into it, this way your cartridges can be reloaded easily. Depending on the damage or issue you may be charged a fee for the replacement unit though, so there are probably limitations to the warranty. If you lose your Gypsy or it gets stolen they can replace it as well with a new unit with the same serial number, at a cost of course.

You can also share your files between your Gypsy and CDS and vice versa, so the cut files are compatible. This is nice for those who do a lot of designing on the go and end up making really cool stuff and want to share with all their friends who do not have a Gypsy, if they have CDS they can cut the files.

All in all I think the Gypsy is a great addition to the Provocraft lineup, hopefully they will put some of these features in the existing CDS software, I am afraid they won’t due to wanting you to buy a Gypsy though. I still only have a few complaints, one being the price I think it’s way to high, 150.00 max would have been better, and two the fuzziness of the images. But those are minor adjustable things, I really like the product got to play with it for almost 20 minutes since it was the end of the show and didn’t really want to let it go. I wish I would have been able to get some video of it in action for all of you but alas I didn’t apply for my press pass in time.

Check back later for more Provocraft info on the new cartridges coming out, which I got photos of the cutouts, some info on the Yudu, and some ideas for the Your Story. Also a little bit about the Cuttlebug, it was a packed part of the booth so¬†had a hard time getting photos and too much info on that one and I got a photo of the “Golden Cricut”.