I am back, got back late last night around 12:30 because we went to the science museum and to Universal Studios for a bit afterward.

I had such a great time at the CHA Super show, next year I am going to the Trade Show part first though with a press pass so I can get the great Press Kits and get video too. I tried to get video of some of the stuff going on but mostly got shunned and told still photos were ok but video on the consumer end was pushing it. Even though I was wearing a badge from my site and told them I was just trying to get thier info out to the masses. But do not fret I have loads of photos of the new carts from PC. I did not get any of the other items photoed at least from the PC booth I got a few from the other booths but I got there late so I really concentrated on the PC booht and gathering the info i really wanted or needed for my followers.

When we left to go we got on the turnpike and drove ready for an almost 2 hour drive figuring on being there about 1pm with 4 hours to look around, Ha the world does not work like that for me, there was a huge accident 10 min down the road, bloked the entire road for trauma Hawk to come in, we would not have made the show period if we would have sat there. I talked my hubby into turning around and going back, hopefully we won’t get into trouble for doing it but I was determined to get there with at least some time left. We got there around 2 so I had 3 hours to look around.

I will post in parts, to make it easier to follow along. I will try and post at least my Provocraft stuff in specific posts like Gypsy, Cricut, Cuttlebug, Yudu etc.

Ok have fun following along and I hope you all enjoy my info and pictures, post questions in the comments section of each post and I will try and answer them as best I can 🙂